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Kotobank (コトバンク) is a Japanese-language online encyclopedia which allows users to search across dictionaries, encyclopedias, and databases provided by publishers and others. It is operated by Voyage Marketing Co. When the service was first launched in 2009, it was stylized "kotobank" in rōmaji, but has since been stylized in katakana. In June 2008, The Asahi Shimbun and EC Navi Inc. launched the "Minna no Chiezo" service, an online version of "Chiezo," a dictionary of modern terms that was once published. The service was rebuilt as a dictionary platform in which various companies could participate. The "kotobank" service was launched on April 23, 2009, under the management of The Asahi Shimbun and EC Navi Inc. At the time of its launch, it claimed to cover a total of 430,000 entries in 44 dictionaries and encyclopedias, the core of which were provided by Kodansha, Shogakukan, and Asahi Shimbun Publishing. In its early days, the site had strong ties with The Asahi Shimbun, with related news from The Asahi Shimbun's website,, appearing on its pages. More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
178th place
290th place
242nd place
12th place
14th place
9th place
1,756th place
1,292nd place
1,180th place
462nd place
256th place
385th place
1,445th place
658th place
1,252nd place
1,235th place
709th place
574th place
2,023rd place
890th place
943rd place
215th place
225th place
223rd place
12,198th place
5,546th place
8,393rd place
875th place
1,148th place
624th place
1,122nd place
70th place
373rd place
1,502nd place
910th place
1,135th place
8,154th place
4,543rd place
5,991st place
11,941st place
3,876th place
5,399th place
4,531st place
1,223rd place
1,716th place
10,404th place
3,788th place
4,759th place
9,724th place
1,327th place
4,397th place
11,024th place
4,505th place
4,764th place
844th place
1,363rd place
1,078th place
11,161st place
6,148th place
11,543rd place
15,575th place
18,293rd place
25,548th place
11,492nd place
6,772nd place
7,394th place
23,980th place
5,147th place
12,290th place
zh-classicalClassical Chinese
44th place
14th place
23rd place
6,541st place
1,407th place
2,573rd place
176th place
519th place
159th place
22,643rd place
4,925th place
10,134th place
9,808th place
1,306th place
3,393rd place
18,974th place
1,770th place
6,365th place
12,709th place
3,467th place
8,488th place
33rd place
47th place
48th place
127th place
125th place
187th place
18,939th place
9,334th place
14,986th place
6,981st place
2,487th place
3,767th place
10,532nd place
2,991st place
4,721st place
24,282nd place
5,096th place
11,633rd place
2,476th place
982nd place
1,978th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
203rd place
195th place
185th place
7,502nd place
6,322nd place
3,031st place
21,734th place
6,904th place
21,385th place
6,947th place
2,036th place
3,595th place
6,197th place
10,332nd place
3,905th place
6,508th place
1,847th place
3,109th place
22,391st place
11,346th place
14,828th place
20,101st place
4,779th place
6,334th place
19,864th place
9,084th place
16,142nd place
58,911th place
17,093rd place
18,749th place
38,649th place
13,823rd place
38,699th place
661st place
3,558th place
639th place
5,790th place
1,424th place
1,341st place
11,092nd place
4,712th place
6,358th place
2,453rd place
4,508th place
1,899th place
1,833rd place
20,144th place
4,215th place
873rd place
1,289th place
5,711th place
4,816th place
1,801st place
4,297th place
6,409th place
6,309th place
16,081st place
11,625th place
2,112th place
4,834th place
12,469th place
7,855th place
5,902nd place
10,831st place
7,340th place
8,395th place
5,380th place
1,902nd place
4,043rd place
1,155th place
827th place
884th place
5,041st place
3,169th place
1,773rd place
15,163rd place
7,112th place
8,771st place
23,101st place
21,869th place
6,052nd place
9,998th place
12,425th place
9,019th place
30,594th place
1,129th place
9,351st place
9,477th place
2,230th place
13,754th place
5,242nd place
3,625th place
9,032nd place
960th place
662nd place
659th place
5,112th place
6,064th place
7,725th place
372nd place
318th place
247th place
1,006th place
1,942nd place
619th place
1,939th place
3,567th place
1,249th place
2,982nd place
437th place
2,130th place
17,967th place
10,025th place
10,238th place
2,448th place
3,121st place
2,059th place
1,104th place
1,749th place
686th place
14,277th place
4,634th place
6,821st place
6,636th place
7,944th place
6,680th place
3,101st place
3,553rd place
1,785th place
7,726th place
10,906th place
5,316th place
37,164th place
8,741st place
17,111th place
5,177th place
5,619th place
3,772nd place
3,572nd place
4,424th place
1,902nd place
3,657th place
3,382nd place
1,355th place
24,568th place
33,287th place
14,729th place
18,287th place
12,578th place
18,122nd place
9,312th place
8,744th place
7,617th place
7,185th place
6,517th place
7,362nd place
7,656th place
6,715th place
8,544th place
20,747th place
14,919th place
18,926th place