impact: - all language versions Limited is a music website founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. Using a music recommender system called "Audioscrobbler", builds a detailed profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of the tracks the user listens to, either from Internet radio stations, or the user's computer or many portable music devices. This information is transferred ("scrobbled") to's database either via the music player (including, among others, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, MusicBee, SoundCloud, and Anghami) or via a plug-in installed into the user's music player. The data is then displayed on the user's profile page and compiled to create reference pages for individual artists. More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
2,506th place
2,209th place
1,774th place
2,712th place
2,221st place
1,543rd place
1,204th place
1,667th place
1,150th place
1,491st place
2,069th place
1,784th place
2,329th place
2,556th place
2,195th place
1,945th place
2,105th place
2,036th place
1,760th place
1,756th place
1,601st place
1,353rd place
1,581st place
983rd place
1,052nd place
1,391st place
1,398th place
689th place
263rd place
639th place
1,719th place
1,568th place
1,085th place
355th place
413th place
172nd place
3,104th place
1,811th place
1,690th place
4,106th place
5,890th place
5,391st place
962nd place
1,600th place
1,107th place
2,033rd place
1,922nd place
845th place
937th place
1,102nd place
685th place
2,270th place
1,417th place
1,548th place
1,270th place
1,354th place
915th place
12,333rd place
7,340th place
8,777th place
2,232nd place
2,076th place
1,679th place
687th place
520th place
437th place
1,551st place
1,208th place
1,177th place
1,476th place
837th place
1,083rd place
865th place
678th place
609th place
2,702nd place
3,241st place
1,656th place
1,092nd place
1,136th place
813th place
2,790th place
1,705th place
1,613th place
1,850th place
1,803rd place
1,416th place
2,155th place
1,358th place
911th place
59th place
3,561st place
2,288th place
911th place
886th place
1,122nd place
5,014th place
2,075th place
2,638th place
754th place
906th place
521st place
847th place
984th place
725th place
1,764th place
845th place
626th place
2,423rd place
2,080th place
2,568th place
8,534th place
2,822nd place
2,945th place
2,785th place
1,598th place
1,023rd place
477th place
2,199th place
1,342nd place
1,608th place
1,302nd place
2,182nd place
367th place
2,422nd place
1,159th place
1,810th place
1,662nd place
764th place
7,734th place
1,849th place
3,269th place
483rd place
691st place
1,139th place
949th place
1,962nd place
763rd place
2,003rd place
5,362nd place
2,156th place
11,496th place
4,338th place
3,702nd place
707th place
1,483rd place
1,768th place
2,368th place
1,009th place
1,142nd place
826th place
446th place
479th place
543rd place
1,169th place
785th place
4,400th place
2,018th place
2,696th place
2,721st place
3,123rd place
1,397th place
11,059th place
7,715th place
11,105th place
5,125th place
2,337th place
1,383rd place
1,528th place
3,898th place
1,491st place
336th place
138th place
102nd place
8,907th place
1,797th place
4,160th place
518th place
577th place
1,029th place
1,272nd place
1,783rd place
1,196th place
5,495th place
1,930th place
2,138th place
9,026th place
3,205th place
2,559th place
404th place
4,060th place
1,258th place
862nd place
7,164th place
4,702nd place
1,267th place
1,551st place
831st place
1,906th place
541st place
1,137th place
5,012th place
1,748th place
4,996th place
500th place
750th place
273rd place
1,793rd place
923rd place
1,129th place
3,073rd place
3,271st place
3,110th place
1,402nd place
1,288th place
702nd place
8,622nd place
1,911th place
3,231st place
4,391st place
1,358th place
3,501st place
2,714th place
1,496th place
1,265th place
7,503rd place
2,742nd place
5,789th place
3,297th place
2,693rd place
2,936th place
2,527th place
1,430th place
1,922nd place
1,405th place
3,022nd place
1,036th place
1,260th place
666th place
717th place
2,393rd place
1,876th place
5,821st place
1,295th place
725th place
587th place
1,185th place
454th place
405th place
2,428th place
2,980th place
1,840th place
3,257th place
1,083rd place
3,660th place
4,544th place
1,212th place
1,117th place
10,842nd place
3,652nd place
3,349th place
2,706th place
1,850th place
2,131st place
903rd place
624th place
1,218th place
128th place
71st place
187th place
2,904th place
1,278th place
1,391st place
2,520th place
2,324th place
1,368th place
2,778th place
1,107th place
926th place
7,596th place
8,457th place
10,877th place
1,500th place
851st place
984th place
2,057th place
630th place
1,407th place
3,350th place
2,545th place
3,834th place
6,740th place
4,891st place
3,225th place
2,640th place
920th place
1,535th place
603rd place
246th place
725th place
1,212th place
743rd place
1,181st place
2,459th place
1,985th place
2,756th place
988th place
355th place
635th place
2,564th place
1,702nd place
1,841st place
2,791st place
1,533rd place
1,125th place
5,320th place
1,510th place
3,879th place
473rd place
580th place
609th place
9,647th place
6,270th place
13,183rd place
3,218th place
3,049th place
1,612th place
1,756th place
2,326th place
2,118th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
2,232nd place
1,177th place
772nd place
4,571st place
4,708th place
3,719th place
3,081st place
2,058th place
3,235th place
3,851st place
1,781st place
2,367th place
1,894th place
1,244th place
1,703rd place
5,064th place
2,052nd place
5,355th place
16,699th place
17,197th place
7,806th place
1,572nd place
1,537th place
1,072nd place