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Oricon Inc. (株式会社オリコン, Kabushiki-gaisha Orikon), established in 1999, is the holding company at the head of a Japanese corporate group that supplies statistics and information on music and the music industry in Japan and Western music. It started as Original Confidence Inc. (株式会社オリジナルコンフィデンス, Kabushiki-gaisha Orijinaru Konfidensu), which was founded by Sōkō Koike in November 1967 and became known for its music charts. Oricon Inc. was originally set up as a subsidiary of Original Confidence and took over the latter's Oricon record charts in April 2002. More information...

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58th place
104th place
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344th place
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1,076th place
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685th place
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693rd place
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76th place
713th place
101st place
311th place
1,358th place
213th place
271st place
223rd place
43rd place
101st place
1,665th place
372nd place
1,376th place
2,206th place
839th place
1,486th place
2,741st place
257th place
868th place
3,022nd place
401st place
1,571st place
121st place
179th place
215th place
2,439th place
88th place
399th place
3,522nd place
871st place
1,638th place
1,051st place
85th place
195th place
4,356th place
963rd place
2,104th place
5,864th place
975th place
1,762nd place
2,219th place
335th place
780th place
4,965th place
483rd place
1,177th place
5,683rd place
494th place
1,355th place
1,009th place
69th place
140th place
13,508th place
1,316th place
3,732nd place
1,541st place
202nd place
498th place
6,225th place
394th place
2,369th place
10,964th place
1,466th place
1,794th place
2,911th place
777th place
2,536th place
1,904th place
929th place
2,188th place
5,912th place
476th place
1,340th place
3,996th place
297th place
1,050th place
8,287th place
624th place
2,074th place
7,912th place
1,979th place
2,169th place
3,535th place
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4,969th place
673rd place
2,072nd place
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12,534th place
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8,368th place
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2,913th place
3,520th place
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293rd place
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12,894th place
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2,384th place
617th place
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261st place
758th place
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463rd place
63rd place
63rd place
41st place
2,306th place
405th place
1,987th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
1,171st place
547th place
623rd place
6,299th place
1,808th place
3,976th place
956th place
408th place
991st place
3,028th place
1,168th place
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354th place
22,136th place
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17,101st place
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10,799th place
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55,837th place
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25,212th place
16,319th place
23,890th place