RPGnet is a role-playing game website. It includes sections on wargames, tabletop games and video games, as well as columns on gaming topics. RPGnet was founded in 1996 by Emma and Sandy Antunes, Shawn Althouse (aka etrigan) and Brian David Phillips, as a way to unify a number of transient game sites. In 2001 it was purchased by Skotos Tech, but maintains creative and editorial autonomy. Currently it is being run by Shannon Appelcline of Skotos, while a number of volunteer moderators and administrators help maintain the forums. More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
11,528th place
10,561st place
8,427th place
7,232nd place
5,859th place
4,714th place
16,252nd place
6,836th place
11,223rd place
20,437th place
29,554th place
29,035th place
8,784th place
2,947th place
3,510th place
13,087th place
18,098th place
18,359th place
25,811th place
8,169th place
15,192nd place
42,056th place
22,176th place
24,311th place
18,443rd place
13,218th place
12,852nd place
16,128th place
14,948th place
8,307th place
8,330th place
69,916th place
6,774th place
44,698th place
16,010th place
21,941st place
15,182nd place
159,985th place
31,739th place
32,127th place
27,492nd place
30,590th place
8,817th place
31,516th place
14,150th place
18,206th place
21,893rd place
11,870th place
3,908th place
4,015th place
2,975th place
9,763rd place
7,199th place
12,454th place
25,858th place
3,965th place
15,559th place
23,669th place
10,753rd place
10,211th place
15,986th place
19,583rd place
19,599th place
10,653rd place
12,846th place
7,342nd place
22,354th place
14,289th place
22,704th place
28,083rd place
20,178th place
25,426th place
65,435th place
118,916th place
106,765th place
39,114th place
51,516th place
65,348th place