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Universo Online (Portuguese for "Online Universe") (known by the acronym UOL) is a Brazilian web content, products and services company. It belongs to Grupo Folha enterprise. In 2012, UOL was the fifth most visited website in Brazil, below only Google portals (Google Brasil, Google USA, YouTube) and Facebook. According to Ibope Nielsen Online, UOL is Brazil’s largest internet portal with more than 50 million unique visitors and 6.7 billion page views every month. UOL is the world's largest Portuguese speaking portal, which is organized in 42 thematic stations with more than 1,000 news sources and 7 million pages. The portal provides website hosting, data storage, publicity dealing, online payments and security systems. It also holds more than 300 thousand online shops, 23 million buyers and 4 million people selling goods and services in its portals More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
74th place
102nd place
88th place
3rd place
4th place
3rd place
444th place
248th place
318th place
171st place
146th place
197th place
791st place
484th place
703rd place
663rd place
527th place
590th place
428th place
307th place
340th place
508th place
421st place
592nd place
1,364th place
864th place
974th place
2,015th place
1,054th place
1,257th place
1,700th place
1,119th place
1,373rd place
1,002nd place
748th place
671st place
1,067th place
535th place
514th place
1,664th place
733rd place
1,417th place
827th place
985th place
1,032nd place
1,292nd place
479th place
743rd place
2nd place
2nd place
2nd place
579th place
514th place
570th place
1,053rd place
523rd place
872nd place
711th place
604th place
678th place
544th place
699th place
849th place
1,050th place
572nd place
817th place
2,457th place
625th place
1,028th place
313th place
128th place
178th place
1,826th place
1,256th place
1,472nd place
1,511th place
455th place
910th place
812th place
516th place
581st place
1,980th place
818th place
1,093rd place
1,356th place
767th place
749th place
1,106th place
957th place
995th place
807th place
213th place
292nd place
3,374th place
2,124th place
1,790th place
1,469th place
800th place
914th place
3,781st place
1,464th place
2,347th place
584th place
586th place
551st place
2,706th place
796th place
1,206th place
574th place
403rd place
561st place
160th place
113th place
114th place
749th place
364th place
452nd place
192nd place
200th place
145th place
770th place
907th place
1,524th place
42nd place
154th place
37th place
1,017th place
1,090th place
1,297th place
6,402nd place
1,133rd place
1,261st place
6th place
14th place
4th place
1,239th place
1,079th place
1,099th place
4,059th place
1,323rd place
2,213th place
1,048th place
401st place
581st place
8th place
3rd place
4th place
1,907th place
594th place
689th place
3,998th place
548th place
1,191st place
244th place
155th place
187th place
3,384th place
872nd place
1,342nd place
61st place
22nd place
25th place
4th place
246th place
6th place
4,353rd place
1,747th place
1,978th place
4,465th place
1,195th place
2,259th place
2,023rd place
367th place
1,446th place
818th place
633rd place
1,119th place
493rd place
2,416th place
2,006th place
3,280th place
1,023rd place
1,118th place
78th place
229th place
37th place
569th place
676th place
428th place
492nd place
993rd place
496th place
1,339th place
1,198th place
949th place
5,361st place
2,530th place
2,811th place
34th place
15th place
5th place
1,213th place
2,978th place
1,134th place
643rd place
619th place
821st place
4,230th place
2,099th place
3,684th place
186th place
373rd place
163rd place
4,297th place
808th place
835th place
48th place
119th place
43rd place
128th place
552nd place
86th place
2,538th place
717th place
639th place
3,266th place
607th place
607th place
334th place
657th place
180th place
439th place
719th place
1,173rd place
nds-nlLow Saxon
148th place
793rd place
94th place
912th place
252nd place
1,111th place
748th place
299th place
521st place
406th place
562nd place
316th place
1,129th place
630th place
985th place
1,530th place
1,118th place
946th place
1,773rd place
816th place
706th place
252nd place
558th place
600th place
840th place
735th place
873rd place
5,983rd place
2,560th place
10,116th place
4,091st place
1,078th place
1,361st place
2,258th place
510th place
1,723rd place
244th place
44th place
48th place
425th place
681st place
846th place
3,250th place
984th place
1,437th place
5,730th place
757th place
1,866th place
359th place
294th place
407th place
412th place
730th place
297th place
40th place
77th place
21st place
1,532nd place
516th place
644th place
753rd place
114th place
141st place
2,351st place
962nd place
2,709th place
1,634th place
641st place
2,206th place
524th place
575th place
572nd place
210th place
37th place
60th place
6,387th place
1,950th place
2,522nd place
1,712th place
611th place
1,599th place
5,694th place
1,100th place
1,537th place
132nd place
78th place
86th place
3,829th place
1,351st place
2,588th place
196th place
35th place
217th place
1,116th place
861st place
1,304th place
3,313th place
258th place
1,066th place
340th place
251st place
163rd place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
715th place
376th place
437th place
557th place
122nd place
251st place
1,524th place
543rd place
2,426th place
2,841st place
1,576th place
2,986th place
1,015th place
1,821st place
988th place
452nd place
544th place
759th place
619th place
75th place
313th place
658th place
448th place
479th place
3,309th place
9,406th place
1,547th place
110th place
18th place
140th place
682nd place
283rd place
351st place
202nd place
140th place
204th place
363rd place
80th place
407th place
614th place
719th place
376th place
12th place
15th place
8th place
806th place
320th place
241st place
656th place
1,153rd place
111th place
2,425th place
2,412th place
2,719th place
2,078th place
1,863rd place
801st place
3,081st place
353rd place
1,593rd place
2,900th place
342nd place
702nd place
257th place
432nd place
154th place
1,740th place
857th place
353rd place
599th place
1,005th place
612th place
1,937th place
545th place
2,035th place
298th place
168th place
105th place
130th place
94th place
71st place
587th place
144th place
312th place
439th place
417th place
242nd place
2,312th place
3,393rd place
1,533rd place
1,127th place
119th place
499th place
23rd place
21st place
17th place
3,245th place
1,887th place
5,953rd place
4,809th place
1,477th place
3,972nd place
925th place
280th place
786th place
991st place
935th place
871st place
4,525th place
4,838th place
6,888th place
2,042nd place
1,436th place
1,517th place
1,804th place
1,925th place
2,751st place
1,568th place
1,453rd place
1,118th place
1,521st place
1,070th place
1,576th place
1,299th place
1,365th place
1,504th place
1,663rd place
314th place
655th place
3,414th place
1,038th place
1,807th place
188th place
49th place
125th place
5,413th place
2,153rd place
5,692nd place
3,285th place
558th place
2,647th place
720th place
219th place
573rd place
7,002nd place
2,092nd place
5,241st place
5,296th place
1,537th place
4,415th place
4,058th place
2,670th place
3,350th place
525th place
399th place
526th place
1,838th place
1,671st place
1,905th place
5,055th place
3,751st place
5,068th place
574th place
338th place
587th place
11,469th place
570th place
3,899th place
4,987th place
3,947th place
5,252nd place
1,616th place
1,437th place
1,575th place
1,011th place
872nd place
1,051st place