ʿIlm ar-ridschāl (German Wikipedia)

Analisys of sources in references of the Wikipedia ariticle de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ʿIlm ar-ridschāl

SiteHosts in references Count Global rank German rank
core.ac.ukcore.ac.uk↓ (1)126772309


  • 1. Vgl. dazu Ather Shahbaz Hussain: The Nuzhah of Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalānī (d. 852/1449); a translation and critical commentary. Doctoral thesis University of Birmingham 2012. S. 363–366. Hier online verfügbar.

Popularity and reliability assessment of sources in references of Wikipedia in different languages. Data extraction based on complex method using Wikimedia dumps in July 2020. To find the most popular and reliable sources we used information about over 200 million references of Wikipedia articles. More details in the research "Modeling Popularity and Reliability of Sources in Multilingual Wikipedia". Values for PR-score and AR-score were additinaly increased 100 times (to distinguish smaller values in the ranking).

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