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archive.orgarchive.org↓ (2), web.archive.org↓ (1)322
millbanksystems.comhansard.millbanksystems.com↓ (1)117541047
marxists.orgmarxists.org↓ (1)1452494
oldham.gov.ukoldham.gov.uk↓ (1)1lowlow
spartacus-educational.comspartacus-educational.com↓ (1)140773155



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  • 9. "M. TROTSKY. (Hansard, 18 July 1929)". hansard.millbanksystems.com. 18 July 1929. Retrieved 17 August 2012. In regard to what is called "the right of asylum," this country has the right to grant asylum to any person whom it thinks fit to admit as a political refugee. On the other hand, no alien has the right to claim admission to this country if it would be contrary to the interests of this country to receive him.


  • 10. Trotsky, Leon (1930). "Chapter 45: The Planet Without a Visa". My Life. marxists.org. Retrieved 17 August 2012. The pious Mr. Clynes ought at least to have known that democracy, in a sense, inherited the right of asylum from the Christian church, which, in turn, inherited it, with much besides, from paganism. It was enough for a pursued criminal to make his way into a temple, sometimes enough even to touch only the ring of the door, to be safe from persecution. Thus the church understood the right of asylum as the right of the persecuted to an asylum, and not as an arbitrary exercise of will on the part of pagan or Christian priests.




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