Anjing (Indonesian Wikipedia)

Analysis of information sources in references of the Wikipedia article "Anjing" in Indonesian language version.

Global rank Indonesian rank
1st place
1st place
2nd place
4th place
4th place
13th place
782nd place
848th place
8th place
18th place
340th place
135th place
low place
low place
234th place
238th place
857th place
574th place
866th place
9th place
5,505th place
67th place
30th place
103rd place
low place
low place
38th place
62nd place
549th place
368th place
low place
low place
2,698th place
1,639th place
2,829th place
8,985th place
low place
5,334th place
low place
low place
3,182nd place
5,054th place
low place
low place
low place
545th place
450th place
3rd place
low place
1,990th place
3rd place
6th place
1,294th place
5,176th place


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