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  • 1. Discogs, Discogs artist-ID 11072, besøkt 9. oktober 2017[Hentet fra Wikidata]

  • 8. «Natacha Atlas: Global embrace». The Independent (engelsk). 23. mai 2003. Besøkt 25. mai 2019. «We've been discussing Atlas's inspirations - who include the renowned Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum - when Atlas, 37, sits forward. … The sound reflects her own components: born in Belgium to an English mother and Sephardic Jewish father, her roots are Arab, with links not just to Palestine but to Morocco and Egypt, the place she feels is home.» 
  • 12. «Natacha Atlas: Uncharted territory». The Independent (engelsk). 21. april 2006. Besøkt 25. mai 2019. «I'm technically Muslim... Dare I say that I'm a Sufi... but even Sufism is considered heretical to certain doctrines." .. After leaving school she moved back to Belgium and worked in Arabic nightclubs where she learnt to belly dance. She also joined a Belgium salsa band and in 1991 recorded the track "Timbal" with the Balearic beat combo ¡Loca!.»

  • 9. Michel, Sia (18. september 2006). «Natacha Atlas - Music - Review». The New York Times (engelsk). ISSN 0362-4331. Besøkt 25. mai 2019. «In particular Ms. Atlas paid tribute to the Lebanese singer Fairuz and the Egyptian great Abdel Halim Hafez (who, she did not mention, was sampled on Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’ ”).» 
  • 13. Michel, Sia (18. september 2006). «Natacha Atlas - Music - Review». The New York Times (engelsk). ISSN 0362-4331. Besøkt 23. mai 2019. «Ms. Atlas was born in Brussels and raised in a Moroccan suburb, moving as a girl to Britain, where she now lives. Her remarkable, melismatic soprano is both sultry and ethereal, and she sang in Arabic, French and English.»

  • 6. «Natacha Atlas' music mixes Arabic, English». SFGate. San Francisco Chronicle. 2. november 2008. Besøkt 25. mai 2019. «Yes, Atlas' voice - a heavenly gift that trills and reverberates with emotion - makes her stand out, as do her striking looks and belly-dance moves, but it's Atlas' theatrical style (she dressed as an Egyptian queen for the cover of her 1995 debut album, "Diaspora") that solidifies her image as a diva of the highest order.» 
  • 15. Curiel, Jonathan (2. november 2008). «Natacha Atlas' music mixes Arabic, English». SFGate. Besøkt 23. mai 2019.

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