Wikipedia does not have to be truthful, but it is important that the information must be confirmed by reliable sources. Additionally, one of the most important factors affecting the quality of Wikipedia articles is the availability of reliable sources. By following the links in the references (footnotes), readers can check facts or find more information on a topic described.

BestRef shows popularity and reliability scores for sources in references of Wikipedia Articles in different languages. Data extraction based on complex method using Wikimedia dumps in July 2020. To find the most popular and reliable sources we used information about over 200 million references of Wikipedia articles. More details in the research "Modeling Popularity and Reliability of Sources in Multilingual Wikipedia". Values for PR-score and AR-score were additinaly increased 100 times (to distinguish smaller values in the ranking).

Chrome extension

There is also BestRef extension for browser on Chrome Web Store. See short video on how it works:

Why reliability is important?

Information about the reliability of sources can help to improve models for quality assessment of Wikipedia articles. This can be especially useful when comparing inconsistent facts between language versions of Wikipedia articles. In addition, one of the promising areas of upcoming research is the creation of publicly available tools that would make it possible to recommend the best sources for individual statements and on selected topics in different language versions of Wikipedia.

More information on research in this field can be found on the WikiQ project.

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