The prevalence of homosexual behavior and attraction in the United States, the United Kingdom and France: Results of national population-based samples - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
79,974th place
33,291st place
95,963rd place
172,742nd place
255,847th place
155,167th place
6,966th place
144,952nd place
26,188th place
22,181st place
146,809th place
40,111th place
7,620th place
52,316th place
23,378th place
145th place
1,618th place
264th place
8,348th place
36,026th place
14,556th place
400th place
2,289th place
1,169th place
14,498th place
62,573rd place
25,352nd place
8,538th place
24,039th place
8,495th place
21,072nd place
9,822nd place
24,071st place
22,915th place
44,375th place
12,981st place
263rd place
182nd place
247th place
6,962nd place
5,552nd place
9,961st place
1,573rd place
918th place
1,447th place
702nd place
2,624th place
1,848th place
1,002nd place
1,822nd place
1,752nd place
40th place
78th place
54th place
3,195th place
4,178th place
4,218th place
1,019th place
1,570th place
1,533rd place