Epidemiology of burns throughout the world. Part I: Distribution and risk factors - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
28,879th place
670th place
11,495th place
58,336th place
23,856th place
25,308th place
6,294th place
387th place
4,574th place
1,330th place
307th place
4,195th place
6,212th place
219th place
4,861st place
942nd place
96th place
2,135th place
1,651st place
102nd place
2,976th place
18,164th place
1,150th place
11,204th place
5,079th place
149th place
2,864th place
9,358th place
267th place
4,409th place
1,276th place
26th place
1,438th place
434th place
25th place
670th place
10,697th place
183rd place
3,782nd place
237th place
27th place
1,871st place
4,937th place
111th place
4,843rd place
779th place
20th place
1,731st place
961st place
2,997th place
980th place
57,153rd place
138,415th place
76,641st place
9,594th place
134th place
4,682nd place
5,517th place
4,522nd place
7,011th place
19,750th place
63,563rd place
48,724th place