The discovery of the elements. XIII. Some spectroscopic discoveries - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
10,461st place
5,555th place
3,850th place
21,361st place
20,979th place
6,930th place
9,953rd place
8,266th place
6,644th place
2,653rd place
66,519th place
754th place
4,196th place
7,488th place
4,656th place
539th place
865th place
73rd place
17,099th place
102,946th place
12,470th place
12,900th place
8,541st place
11,465th place
1,821st place
3,387th place
4,927th place
3,272nd place
20,139th place
5,775th place
6,203rd place
1,170th place
9,261st place
11,921st place
21,930th place
11,014th place
7,901st place
2,841st place
4,606th place
4,422nd place
8,350th place
930th place
19,864th place
43,448th place
36,554th place
231st place
3,729th place
414th place
9,329th place
5,126th place
9,825th place
6,840th place
3,426th place
4,034th place
9,193rd place
8,215th place
1,743rd place
6,671st place
6,076th place
6,249th place
8,606th place
6,155th place
6,886th place
472nd place
800th place
739th place
6,694th place
4,223rd place
1,241st place
14,094th place
3,699th place
3,901st place