Towards a proteome-scale map of the human protein–protein interaction network - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
45,147th place
344th place
1,863rd place
35,062nd place
121st place
859th place
19,664th place
2,703rd place
13,368th place
53,641st place
208th place
9,550th place
42,276th place
1,424th place
29,598th place
64,770th place
3,444th place
32,623rd place
57,778th place
22,121st place
75,361st place
30,033rd place
24,167th place
31,177th place
38,098th place
428th place
17,701st place
10,475th place
25th place
1,300th place
4,307th place
130th place
490th place
32,102nd place
617th place
4,784th place
140,030th place
10,032nd place
36,518th place
154,103rd place
147,317th place
101,049th place
13,987th place
2,297th place
23,009th place
55,791st place
8,653rd place
44,334th place
65,599th place
12,065th place
20,842nd place
1,702nd place
391st place
1,412th place