Large-scale structure of galaxies in the Ophiuchus region - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
99,872nd place
21,579th place
36,163rd place
112,704th place
72,771st place
94,041st place
1,010th place
1,960th place
5,616th place
2,491st place
11,879th place
309th place
11,921st place
36,574th place
2,510th place
37,104th place
14,674th place
11,741st place
11,433rd place
17,525th place
14,364th place
34,229th place
31,808th place
28,105th place
14,327th place
36,417th place
13,747th place
20,119th place
32,686th place
16,892nd place
56,941st place
16,349th place
44,443rd place
82,813th place
37,677th place
80,123rd place
24,187th place
38,144th place
24,185th place
8,645th place
5,563rd place
3,459th place
29,051st place
28,018th place
32,347th place
133,260th place
51,061st place
134,045th place
5,254th place
5,692nd place
3,121st place
15,868th place
18,007th place
33,920th place
23,151st place
21,980th place
22,704th place
67,988th place
26,263rd place
46,136th place