The distance and size of the red hypergiant NML Cygni from VLBA and VLA astrometry - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
36,289th place
1,514th place
6,467th place
3,572nd place
1,186th place
979th place
114,611th place
14,869th place
20,836th place
14,188th place
4,446th place
13,127th place
2,097th place
1,410th place
1,836th place
25,103rd place
103,454th place
43,338th place
5,331st place
969th place
2,874th place
46,804th place
57,142nd place
60,956th place
12,750th place
6,334th place
26,299th place
11,367th place
1,180th place
4,261st place
36,054th place
2,317th place
2,320th place
15,709th place
457th place
6,110th place
4,256th place
3,122nd place
6,408th place
20,260th place
1,373rd place
6,774th place
53,791st place
78,141st place
103,293rd place
19,882nd place
18,007th place
34,671st place
23,767th place
556th place
3,924th place
14,878th place
10,356th place
17,296th place
8,715th place
744th place
8,918th place
10,702nd place
14,474th place
8,911th place
19,006th place
13,201st place
27,676th place
1,657th place
51st place
1,003rd place
8,580th place
100th place
2,246th place
6,785th place
1,755th place
1,530th place
40,850th place
11,681st place
9,076th place
4,524th place
1,276th place
3,426th place
17,686th place
15,839th place
13,080th place