The discovery of superconductivity - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
13,123rd place
35,556th place
8,276th place
9,167th place
45,455th place
4,774th place
887th place
10,379th place
1,173rd place
21,236th place
85,222nd place
18,036th place
13,887th place
53,713th place
6,102nd place
63,134th place
143,630th place
58,509th place
17,512th place
46,211th place
30,139th place
121st place
1,154th place
272nd place
63,056th place
98,725th place
70,516th place
20,743rd place
37,888th place
49,898th place
70,539th place
106,109th place
49,873rd place
8,947th place
12,246th place
9,521st place
3,195th place
4,745th place
401st place
4,266th place
4,257th place
7,559th place
29,670th place
16,537th place
46,277th place