Aspartame: A Safety Evaluation Based on Current Use Levels, Regulations, and Toxicological and Epidemiological Studies - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
1,164th place
2,282nd place
1,174th place
1,457th place
8,961st place
1,174th place
1,152nd place
1,683rd place
1,678th place
3,349th place
3,039th place
7,130th place
1,211th place
4,462nd place
2,318th place
3,545th place
1,244th place
9,826th place
8,585th place
40,213th place
21,868th place
1,970th place
9,239th place
1,376th place
413th place
715th place
435th place
458th place
22,505th place
512th place
1,858th place
12,530th place
1,476th place
1,764th place
20,320th place
20,501st place
30,732nd place
147,823rd place
36,842nd place
5,958th place
565th place
26,760th place
8,621st place
45,151st place
11,526th place
1,279th place
1,252nd place
754th place
2,991st place
13,129th place
3,804th place
76,567th place
116,312th place
125,229th place
7,512th place
31,386th place
11,994th place
31,317th place
2,939th place
33,274th place
3,921st place
5,892nd place
4,683rd place
18,761st place
5,875th place
25,067th place
4,880th place
5,906th place
5,060th place
315th place
34th place
215th place
4,292nd place
2,804th place
4,557th place