A Database of Cepheid Distance Moduli and Tip of the Red Giant Branch, Globular Cluster Luminosity Function, Planetary Nebula Luminosity Function, and... - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
76,839th place
1,592nd place
2,356th place
100,964th place
12,054th place
14,433rd place
21,564th place
5,545th place
2,312th place
15,612th place
1,270th place
352nd place
3,987th place
174th place
1,804th place
45,565th place
2,059th place
25,846th place
14,801st place
1,048th place
5,588th place
51,655th place
10,610th place
32,253rd place
11,425th place
13,114th place
5,534th place
16,912th place
307th place
2,410th place
59,271st place
5,380th place
3,394th place
20,765th place
7,007th place
4,759th place
22,620th place
28,347th place
25,838th place
12,381st place
6,173rd place
4,354th place
20,747th place
186th place
1,700th place
32,860th place
38,768th place
37,705th place
71,829th place
7,228th place
40,813th place
4,470th place
5,442nd place
4,681st place
14,782nd place
15,232nd place
10,673rd place
40,748th place
2,086th place
16,660th place
21,284th place
1,080th place
3,626th place
7,424th place
2,186th place
6,049th place
10,744th place
7,450th place
7,576th place
5,894th place
684th place
2,037th place
145,122nd place
48,905th place
106,593rd place
12,900th place
1,009th place
3,793rd place
54,152nd place
46,486th place
56,855th place
2,415th place
1,135th place
2,075th place
39,725th place
28,668th place
12,392nd place