The Local Group and Other Neighboring Galaxy Groups - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
4,773rd place
84th place
486th place
14,704th place
403rd place
1,463rd place
2,209th place
114th place
1,712th place
1,525th place
15th place
495th place
956th place
6th place
133rd place
6,627th place
70th place
3,700th place
15,021st place
3,714th place
8,671st place
10,834th place
70th place
8,753rd place
2,724th place
109th place
717th place
9,792nd place
34th place
306th place
3,505th place
14th place
1,167th place
4,354th place
19th place
698th place
5,486th place
14th place
4,448th place
2,786th place
4th place
969th place
22,157th place
29th place
3,763rd place
12,848th place
3,568th place
4,083rd place
4,956th place
6th place
87th place
2,500th place
12th place
3,097th place
70,174th place
1,456th place
4,412th place
19,027th place
778th place
2,860th place
5,054th place
218th place
1,789th place
30,099th place
4,550th place
16,304th place
33,335th place
468th place
22,567th place
750th place
2nd place
252nd place
2,661st place
3rd place
351st place
14,856th place
15,419th place
4,158th place
19,424th place
548th place
1,557th place
6,720th place
6th place
2,081st place
7,730th place
2,134th place
4,026th place
999th place
612th place
699th place
33,643rd place
2,526th place
8,657th place
11,909th place
102nd place
603rd place
16,579th place
12,574th place
14,806th place
2,463rd place
1,280th place
2,173rd place
2,211th place
785th place
1,183rd place
6,072nd place
2,175th place
3,013th place
1,082nd place
1,658th place
804th place