A Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny of the Parrots (Psittaciformes): Support for a Gondwanan Origin during the Cretaceous - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
756th place
594th place
598th place
1,795th place
2,287th place
918th place
401st place
188th place
225th place
570th place
1,111th place
1,404th place
1,012th place
8,902nd place
883rd place
384th place
260th place
860th place
4,374th place
4,276th place
4,840th place
1,933rd place
425th place
2,085th place
14,856th place
8,257th place
10,029th place
2,295th place
205th place
817th place
12,475th place
15,841st place
14,449th place
5,112th place
14,079th place
9,179th place
23,110th place
11,860th place
35,190th place
723rd place
725th place
663rd place
1,448th place
138th place
289th place
2,351st place
1,534th place
5,243rd place
4,373rd place
1,042nd place
2,187th place
13,434th place
4,592nd place
10,015th place
4,755th place
1,058th place
4,367th place
7,772nd place
22,778th place
16,678th place
74,268th place
34,419th place
87,247th place
94th place
11th place
102nd place
1,312th place
581st place
2,397th place
5,090th place
2,108th place
6,399th place
19,143rd place
10,234th place
24,966th place
6,915th place
2,838th place
2,174th place
23,368th place
4,753rd place
12,140th place
1,952nd place
63rd place
1,960th place
793rd place
185th place
827th place
22,578th place
38,959th place
10,360th place
6,041st place
1,122nd place
2,629th place
101st place
249th place
168th place
3,951st place
5,752nd place
3,295th place
1,082nd place
84th place
428th place
4,469th place
1,163rd place
1,234th place
695th place
681st place
248th place