Imaging the Surface of Altair - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
11,857th place
1,820th place
4,824th place
42,494th place
50,263rd place
32,362nd place
3,812th place
53,984th place
3,937th place
3,433rd place
5,325th place
7,620th place
13,969th place
7,834th place
12,069th place
8,552nd place
1,395th place
7,386th place
29,995th place
35,717th place
32,743rd place
2,368th place
1,316th place
1,368th place
5,695th place
3,941st place
4,412th place
23,424th place
50,551st place
36,714th place
6,486th place
2,306th place
3,438th place
5,326th place
2,313th place
1,250th place
9,147th place
1,270th place
8,497th place
6,718th place
6,296th place
2,515th place
2,607th place
476th place
935th place
2,447th place
203rd place
4,934th place
16,211th place
657th place
8,358th place
9,489th place
3,653rd place
4,531st place
7,506th place
1,215th place
4,739th place
5,402nd place
159th place
3,254th place
3,199th place
441st place
735th place
6,109th place
217th place
4,286th place
5,685th place
255th place
2,205th place
265th place
358th place
60th place
12,171st place
228th place
11,165th place
1,317th place
53rd place
1,024th place