Names and symbols of transfermium elements (IUPAC Recommendations 1997) - all language versions

PR-model F-model AR-model
3,815th place
1,421st place
1,147th place
3,945th place
2,637th place
3,197th place
6,523rd place
4,917th place
2,757th place
37th place
614th place
186th place
2,190th place
87th place
226th place
11,891st place
1,606th place
3,401st place
18,785th place
75,824th place
7,653rd place
2,698th place
2,577th place
465th place
1,735th place
2,009th place
29th place
44,306th place
108,447th place
14,240th place
28,208th place
19,962nd place
9,644th place
6,745th place
28,730th place
3,043rd place
4,857th place
16,436th place
705th place
55,506th place
69,005th place
30,776th place
19,403rd place
37,652nd place
25,215th place
22,794th place
34,378th place
22,510th place
14,278th place
925th place
1,518th place
25,070th place
1,301st place
19,500th place
9,037th place
13,510th place
1,496th place
4,918th place
640th place
445th place
305th place
3,269th place
399th place
33,992nd place
19,535th place
30,955th place
11,344th place
2,975th place
7,560th place
73,617th place
103,974th place
62,267th place
2,647th place
2,373rd place
1,136th place
8,207th place
12,047th place
5,253rd place
15,536th place
5,236th place
9,148th place