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AlloCiné (English: ScreenRush) is an entertainment website which specializes on providing information on French cinema, mostly centering on novelties' promotion with DVD, Blu-ray and VOD information. The enterprise was founded as a telephonic communicator, and subsequently became an Internet portal site, which offers sufficient information by fast access and covers all movies that have been distributed in France. In 2005, it began covering television series. The website is considered the "French equivalent of IMDb." More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

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169th place
349th place
292nd place
10th place
56th place
32nd place
1,280th place
2,847th place
2,144th place
536th place
1,676th place
1,192nd place
186th place
180th place
141st place
422nd place
1,004th place
841st place
823rd place
1,120th place
1,549th place
1,322nd place
1,456th place
1,329th place
414th place
929th place
642nd place
2,038th place
2,084th place
2,434th place
1,013th place
1,379th place
1,225th place
1,693rd place
1,040th place
1,407th place
414th place
130th place
370th place
708th place
587th place
594th place
438th place
100th place
328th place
123rd place
44th place
170th place
4,386th place
3,280th place
5,201st place
22nd place
18th place
104th place
224th place
220th place
193rd place
1,820th place
954th place
984th place
1,156th place
1,423rd place
2,401st place
3,148th place
2,210th place
1,828th place
2,457th place
1,231st place
3,019th place
750th place
482nd place
861st place
880th place
355th place
637th place
338th place
143rd place
111th place
1,425th place
2,241st place
1,335th place
3,555th place
427th place
1,659th place
4,097th place
3,333rd place
4,435th place
8,996th place
1,543rd place
1,377th place
5,220th place
3,152nd place
3,859th place
1,311th place
300th place
351st place
1,918th place
1,238th place
1,002nd place
3,571st place
5,938th place
3,023rd place
4,230th place
1,699th place
5,540th place
637th place
140th place
456th place
416th place
256th place
510th place
175th place
419th place
209th place
4,835th place
1,675th place
2,569th place
35th place
27th place
24th place
759th place
153rd place
470th place
562nd place
1,478th place
2,344th place
12,312th place
6,560th place
8,410th place
7,956th place
1,851st place
3,895th place
1,698th place
3,475th place
1,482nd place
155th place
589th place
223rd place
663rd place
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454th place
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645th place
6,557th place
2,613th place
3,787th place
128th place
30th place
199th place
71st place
1,269th place
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2,980th place
1,674th place
1,915th place
6,871st place
5,649th place
10,233rd place
5,023rd place
7,435th place
5,537th place
14,302nd place
2,866th place
4,670th place
655th place
176th place
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4,614th place
3,063rd place
2,803rd place
34th place
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3,372nd place
4,827th place
3,475th place
1,566th place
1,209th place
586th place
6,437th place
9,286th place
6,238th place
443rd place
177th place
192nd place
15,455th place
7,825th place
17,836th place
3,058th place
1,850th place
1,973rd place
251st place
68th place
116th place
658th place
2,164th place
2,196th place
2,703rd place
3,392nd place
3,975th place
548th place
493rd place
343rd place
9,038th place
3,217th place
8,840th place
9,221st place
2,668th place
13,097th place
9,961st place
4,520th place
4,640th place
12,880th place
6,757th place
11,615th place
12,550th place
15,184th place
8,588th place
1,282nd place
486th place
2,030th place
2,475th place
1,349th place
3,310th place
1,018th place
770th place
457th place
8,589th place
1,320th place
3,825th place
1,181st place
275th place
916th place
1,635th place
4,149th place
607th place
685th place
603rd place
593rd place
1,692nd place
5,239th place
1,138th place
2,628th place
1,430th place
2,477th place
11,008th place
3,074th place
6,731st place
4,381st place
1,428th place
3,451st place
1,349th place
1,130th place
1,815th place
10,597th place
1,406th place
11,463rd place
6,452nd place
4,362nd place
3,181st place
1,850th place
3,836th place
2,270th place
2,304th place
5,436th place
3,003rd place
2,050th place
2,269th place
1,473rd place
7,614th place
6,468th place
9,188th place
702nd place
353rd place
813th place
15,401st place
17,596th place
20,777th place
2,352nd place
541st place
1,655th place
93rd place
79th place
77th place
6,323rd place
5,391st place
5,449th place
618th place
167th place
236th place
796th place
810th place
327th place
35,250th place
14,680th place
29,336th place
5,107th place
5,408th place
5,898th place
1,488th place
2,023rd place
1,725th place
17,288th place
4,004th place
15,926th place
660th place
655th place
559th place
11,568th place
4,397th place
11,643rd place
2,810th place
2,508th place
2,335th place
1,152nd place
1,464th place
1,223rd place
15,871st place
2,711th place
9,147th place
994th place
657th place
852nd place
11,889th place
11,462nd place
8,699th place
609th place
414th place
490th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
2,869th place
1,582nd place
2,045th place
3,686th place
3,110th place
3,499th place
2,462nd place
2,345th place
2,738th place
7,517th place
1,505th place
7,490th place
2,176th place
1,342nd place
2,183rd place