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The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
756th place
542nd place
669th place
123rd place
188th place
156th place
32nd place
27th place
30th place
410th place
660th place
645th place
162nd place
100th place
212th place
4,501st place
9,276th place
7,988th place
897th place
1,095th place
1,581st place
569th place
1,979th place
788th place
1,143rd place
1,492nd place
2,398th place
320th place
608th place
137th place
3,318th place
3,847th place
4,967th place
330th place
255th place
290th place
4,653rd place
4,878th place
7,692nd place
181st place
150th place
173rd place
835th place
1,105th place
975th place
493rd place
470th place
563rd place
6,221st place
4,445th place
3,158th place
856th place
411th place
654th place
62nd place
60th place
38th place
7,730th place
4,288th place
9,022nd place
4,381st place
3,983rd place
3,924th place
424th place
871st place
667th place
2,410th place
698th place
1,798th place
9,569th place
4,013th place
5,947th place
135th place
128th place
137th place
2,082nd place
934th place
595th place
5,495th place
2,793rd place
4,089th place
5,613th place
4,007th place
4,097th place
264th place
453rd place
641st place
758th place
442nd place
779th place
7,576th place
5,090th place
10,007th place
1,907th place
860th place
1,921st place
106th place
402nd place
224th place
2,560th place
265th place
828th place
16,051st place
22,066th place
28,828th place
4,347th place
3,221st place
3,890th place
240th place
125th place
95th place
587th place
522nd place
600th place
2,593rd place
1,704th place
1,213th place
3,097th place
5,564th place
5,209th place
47th place
126th place
38th place
256th place
145th place
213th place
132nd place
65th place
112th place
405th place
216th place
277th place
2,800th place
3,995th place
2,857th place
553rd place
265th place
384th place
1,675th place
1,000th place
1,343rd place
94th place
182nd place
208th place
71st place
117th place
30th place
62nd place
132nd place
54th place
370th place
374th place
88th place
307th place
659th place
672nd place
283rd place
393rd place
171st place
20,542nd place
10,774th place
25,887th place
1,660th place
697th place
1,064th place
93rd place
38th place
80th place
3,145th place
1,266th place
1,262nd place
3,264th place
928th place
1,961st place
1,875th place
4,920th place
2,224th place
312th place
427th place
202nd place
140th place
37th place
248th place
384th place
245th place
239th place
198th place
75th place
86th place
2,137th place
2,934th place
1,440th place
888th place
538th place
1,179th place
6,216th place
1,189th place
2,189th place
6,188th place
21,919th place
11,263rd place
20,289th place
17,070th place
38,743rd place
231st place
394th place
441st place
1,350th place
947th place
1,138th place
304th place
122nd place
224th place
354th place
140th place
208th place
1,292nd place
667th place
708th place
1,015th place
281st place
365th place
446th place
177th place
141st place
638th place
529th place
326th place
8,579th place
5,717th place
5,942nd place
1,015th place
1,737th place
1,811th place
9,711th place
2,955th place
4,137th place
436th place
78th place
193rd place
841st place
258th place
214th place
9,656th place
3,346th place
5,054th place
38,975th place
10,393rd place
35,326th place
27,202nd place
71,216th place
64,666th place
3,824th place
3,339th place
5,610th place
909th place
1,173rd place
2,488th place
13,407th place
4,210th place
9,081st place
3,931st place
639th place
2,407th place
46th place
7th place
46th place
303rd place
145th place
236th place
16,525th place
3,952nd place
6,584th place
766th place
565th place
392nd place
401st place
694th place
462nd place
1,174th place
925th place
2,461st place
2,228th place
1,371st place
839th place
1,242nd place
964th place
1,439th place
3,219th place
1,558th place
2,296th place
1,487th place
1,322nd place
1,021st place
206th place
177th place
180th place
1,328th place
336th place
1,083rd place
516th place
511th place
348th place
527th place
423rd place
634th place
1,345th place
1,031st place
1,953rd place
644th place
284th place
625th place
477th place
1,013th place
1,223rd place
2,041st place
722nd place
856th place
845th place
1,302nd place
699th place
2,322nd place
314th place
625th place
17,651st place
26,571st place
16,032nd place
2,898th place
2,752nd place
2,418th place
535th place
506th place
437th place
517th place
1,371st place
318th place
20,526th place
28,863rd place
9,211th place
3,060th place
934th place
6,589th place
9,096th place
5,146th place
17,940th place
735th place
392nd place
299th place
1,542nd place
572nd place
1,865th place
1,865th place
404th place
640th place
3,291st place
5,372nd place
4,199th place
996th place
575th place
310th place
5,106th place
2,046th place
4,956th place
1,637th place
447th place
1,505th place
587th place
572nd place
269th place
964th place
468th place
991st place
11,358th place
3,602nd place
11,745th place
267th place
173rd place
265th place
945th place
735th place
567th place
3,579th place
3,391st place
1,165th place
4,916th place
3,341st place
1,959th place
3,173rd place
3,504th place
3,393rd place
834th place
565th place
685th place
458th place
444th place
399th place
24,742nd place
27,855th place
25,969th place
1,514th place
508th place
1,785th place
1,938th place
1,949th place
1,207th place
764th place
190th place
441st place
1,052nd place
1,459th place
593rd place
2,813th place
2,104th place
2,672nd place