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The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (Hebrew: הלשכה המרכזית לסטטיסטיקה, HaLishka HaMerkazit LiStatistika; Arabic: دائرة الإحصاء المركزية الإسرائيلية), abbreviated CBS, is an Israeli government office established in 1949 to carry out research and publish statistical data on all aspects of Israeli life, including population, society, economy, industry, education, and physical infrastructure. The CBS is headquartered in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem, with another branch in Tel Aviv. It is headed by a National Statistician (previously named Government Statistician), who is appointed on the recommendation of the prime minister. Professor Emeritus Danny Pfefferman of Hebrew University has served in that position and as Director of the CBS since 2013. The bureau's annual budget in 2011 was NIS 237 million. More information...

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