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Google Search (also known simply as Google or is a search engine provided and operated by Google. Handling more than 3.5 billion searches per day, it has a 92% share of the global search engine market. It is the most-visited website in the world. Additionally, it is the most searched and used search engine in the entire world. The order of search results returned by Google is based, in part, on a priority rank system called "PageRank". Google Search also provides many different options for customized searches, using symbols to include, exclude, specify or require certain search behavior, and offers specialized interactive experiences, such as flight status and package tracking, weather forecasts, currency, unit, and time conversions, word definitions, and more. More information...

According to PR-model, is ranked 215th in multilingual Wikipedia, in particular this website is ranked 4th in Italian Wikipedia.

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
215th place
138th place
102nd place
4th place
3rd place
3rd place
551st place
326th place
472nd place
5,243rd place
8,376th place
7,349th place
878th place
495th place
595th place
1,303rd place
743rd place
979th place
2,010th place
1,983rd place
1,645th place
1,100th place
1,008th place
1,017th place
1,576th place
1,075th place
1,193rd place
9th place
5th place
6th place
5,608th place
3,642nd place
4,324th place
3,058th place
2,062nd place
2,309th place
1,472nd place
1,318th place
1,202nd place
2,476th place
1,714th place
2,635th place
3rd place
4th place
7th place
1,698th place
913th place
1,217th place
951st place
535th place
604th place
2,621st place
1,591st place
1,759th place
113th place
261st place
188th place
703rd place
182nd place
429th place
1,461st place
1,794th place
4,085th place
4,835th place
4,679th place
4,096th place
1,072nd place
1,107th place
1,322nd place
1,238th place
1,228th place
1,478th place
2,859th place
1,416th place
1,632nd place
2,050th place
966th place
1,335th place
3rd place
1st place
4th place
2,015th place
1,751st place
1,957th place
951st place
1,032nd place
1,460th place
2,405th place
1,651st place
1,613th place
1,830th place
933rd place
1,447th place
752nd place
1,446th place
1,692nd place
1,712th place
1,783rd place
1,505th place
2,798th place
1,994th place
2,798th place
690th place
471st place
456th place
1,634th place
1,008th place
1,118th place
1,855th place
1,975th place
1,430th place
3rd place
12th place
4th place
5,114th place
3,564th place
5,278th place
574th place
305th place
342nd place
805th place
1,439th place
1,596th place
727th place
528th place
545th place
674th place
276th place
329th place
1,580th place
1,623rd place
1,931st place
26th place
26th place
20th place
540th place
1,308th place
1,938th place
3,126th place
2,915th place
2,032nd place
7th place
7th place
7th place
9,908th place
4,526th place
5,066th place
1,260th place
423rd place
766th place
1,335th place
2,250th place
1,739th place
1,455th place
4,256th place
2,460th place
6th place
4th place
6th place
1,346th place
592nd place
568th place
823rd place
423rd place
508th place
4,005th place
895th place
1,859th place
3,321st place
1,634th place
2,148th place
529th place
470th place
246th place
306th place
206th place
330th place
2,356th place
600th place
1,631st place
693rd place
590th place
540th place
37th place
35th place
41st place
535th place
1,478th place
324th place
5,193rd place
2,772nd place
2,324th place
775th place
1,111th place
1,325th place
227th place
398th place
395th place
223rd place
256th place
178th place
3,901st place
1,374th place
2,218th place
1,011th place
770th place
631st place
1,338th place
462nd place
1,236th place
2,831st place
751st place
1,775th place
1,394th place
2,977th place
1,381st place
76th place
16th place
28th place
2,012th place
754th place
812th place
622nd place
707th place
1,285th place
689th place
3,279th place
1,583rd place
6,756th place
4,730th place
6,965th place
205th place
701st place
609th place
187th place
293rd place
255th place
7,302nd place
1,989th place
2,367th place
232nd place
337th place
110th place
3,137th place
3,820th place
2,039th place
246th place
321st place
146th place
4,605th place
1,737th place
3,107th place
1,870th place
1,530th place
2,753rd place
3,704th place
3,353rd place
3,099th place
828th place
1,046th place
2,960th place
389th place
598th place
452nd place
92nd place
28th place
164th place
332nd place
372nd place
490th place
769th place
1,595th place
342nd place
100th place
53rd place
162nd place
34th place
19th place
144th place
2,252nd place
1,802nd place
4,770th place
30,038th place
23,667th place
29,669th place
792nd place
714th place
1,590th place
1,204th place
331st place
2,330th place
2,619th place
1,808th place
3,250th place
2,956th place
972nd place
2,613th place
4,625th place
945th place
2,544th place
5,909th place
3,009th place
1,620th place
289th place
616th place
418th place
1,475th place
422nd place
2,612th place
3,227th place
2,602nd place
833rd place
8,309th place
7,916th place
10,910th place
4,300th place
704th place
4,692nd place
323rd place
111th place
288th place
3,624th place
3,570th place
5,133rd place
2,521st place
3,959th place
3,683rd place
2,451st place
753rd place
3,841st place
620th place
1,126th place
76th place
410th place
242nd place
276th place
2,461st place
3,258th place
2,879th place
218th place
134th place
120th place
883rd place
211th place
1,145th place
zh-classicalClassical Chinese
472nd place
494th place
253rd place
4,441st place
1,751st place
4,233rd place
2,088th place
2,641st place
1,871st place
1,909th place
3,452nd place
1,571st place
2,905th place
2,216th place
1,267th place
2,448th place
3,052nd place
618th place
1,162nd place
971st place
1,336th place
9,021st place
4,327th place
7,767th place
511th place
252nd place
494th place
3,808th place
763rd place
1,935th place
237th place
146th place
202nd place
15,188th place
5,331st place
7,349th place
6,675th place
556th place
6,502nd place
462nd place
357th place
492nd place
2,936th place
309th place
2,244th place
6,328th place
6,782nd place
3,480th place
7,892nd place
4,385th place
3,989th place
1,682nd place
1,596th place
2,106th place
139th place
106th place
91st place