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HathiTrust Digital Library is a large-scale collaborative repository of digital content from research libraries including content digitized via Google Books and the Internet Archive digitization initiatives, as well as content digitized locally by libraries. Hathi, pronounced "hah-tee", is the Hindi/Urdu word for "elephant", an animal famed for its long-term memory. HathiTrust was founded in October 2008 by the twelve universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and the eleven libraries of the University of California. The partnership includes over 60 research libraries across the United States, Canada, and Europe, and is based on a shared governance structure. Costs are shared by the participating libraries and library consortia. The repository is administered by the University of Michigan. The executive director of HathiTrust is Mike Furlough, who succeeded founding director John Wilkin after Wilkin stepped down in 2013. The HathiTrust Shared Print Program is a distributed collective collection whose participating libraries have committed to retaining almost 18 million monograph volumes for 25 years, representing three-quarters of HathiTrust digital book holdings. More information...

According to PR-model, is ranked 441st in multilingual Wikipedia, in particular this website is ranked 311th in English Wikipedia.

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
441st place
207th place
302nd place
311th place
66th place
136th place
358th place
745th place
527th place
614th place
393rd place
688th place
618th place
288th place
459th place
490th place
149th place
415th place
1,611th place
592nd place
558th place
1,322nd place
511th place
634th place
1,550th place
845th place
1,321st place
1,334th place
586th place
958th place
3,077th place
1,222nd place
2,957th place
904th place
718th place
879th place
811th place
748th place
1,108th place
2,031st place
996th place
1,338th place
1,942nd place
714th place
1,256th place
1,030th place
834th place
951st place
787th place
798th place
1,048th place
86th place
924th place
546th place
744th place
969th place
1,239th place
608th place
593rd place
643rd place
1,181st place
320th place
882nd place
1,216th place
910th place
1,247th place
2,081st place
1,127th place
933rd place
589th place
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665th place
1,131st place
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878th place
1,076th place
774th place
1,263rd place
2,234th place
1,905th place
2,963rd place
2,226th place
431st place
767th place
1,812th place
867th place
1,497th place
1,002nd place
932nd place
1,226th place
1,705th place
850th place
800th place
935th place
665th place
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4,566th place
1,638th place
2,702nd place
1,624th place
1,100th place
1,563rd place
3,476th place
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2,160th place
1,280th place
806th place
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744th place
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1,483rd place
2,241st place
2,962nd place
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2,983rd place
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1,901st place
3,158th place
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1,009th place
1,421st place
4,198th place
6,155th place
5,709th place
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5,721st place
1,903rd place
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1,000th place
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5,113th place
2,945th place
5,140th place
997th place
845th place
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2,952nd place
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2,638th place
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301st place
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2,402nd place
694th place
415th place
570th place
2,673rd place
273rd place
2,233rd place
355th place
170th place
451st place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
2,088th place
331st place
424th place
8,818th place
2,616th place
10,664th place
3,238th place
4,541st place
3,959th place
1,135th place
1,380th place
1,342nd place
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3,405th place
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1,884th place
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7,861st place
3,653rd place
9,050th place
367th place
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13,829th place
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6,330th place
1,560th place
6,335th place
3,254th place
3,359th place
2,039th place
3,602nd place
2,940th place
3,331st place
7,639th place
1,498th place
7,679th place
830th place
828th place
844th place