HeinOnline (HOL) is a commercial internet database service launched in 2000 by William S. Hein & Co., Inc. (WSH Co), a Buffalo, New York publisher specializing in legal materials. The company began in Buffalo, New York, in 1961, and is currently based in nearby Getzville, NY. In 2013, WSH Co. was the 33rd largest private company in western New York, with revenues of around $33 million and more than seventy employees. HeinOnline is a source for traditional legal materials (reported cases, statutes, government regulations, academic law reviews, commercially produced law journals and magazines, and classic treatises), historical, governmental, and political documents, legislative debates, legislative and executive branch reports, world constitutions, international treaties, and reports and other documents of international organizations. The database includes more than 192 million pages of materials “in an online, fully searchable, image-based format". More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
3,322nd place
3,493rd place
4,090th place
1,897th place
1,515th place
1,905th place
9,918th place
5,142nd place
10,698th place
7,832nd place
5,259th place
10,166th place
12,945th place
12,327th place
25,737th place
1,579th place
3,496th place
10,544th place
4,494th place
2,848th place
5,515th place
6,894th place
5,008th place
7,712th place
4,913th place
4,854th place
4,878th place
16,083rd place
11,314th place
18,954th place
11,622nd place
8,680th place
10,823rd place
19,356th place
10,941st place
21,801st place
9,943rd place
4,144th place
9,939th place
3,781st place
10,511th place
17,866th place
3,291st place
1,089th place
2,454th place
3,755th place
8,178th place
3,958th place
11,849th place
4,463rd place
8,332nd place
5,568th place
3,781st place
7,564th place
11,979th place
3,783rd place
10,012th place
5,437th place
6,315th place
12,532nd place
25,370th place
14,976th place
32,096th place
5,935th place
2,698th place
9,977th place
13,987th place
12,546th place
24,337th place
9,490th place
4,853rd place
10,113th place
11,097th place
5,469th place
9,119th place
3,396th place
7,697th place
11,694th place