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16,326th place
13,911th place
11,004th place
17,093rd place
14,492nd place
14,590th place
1,405th place
2,056th place
1,206th place
11,889th place
13,532nd place
10,250th place
22,710th place
22,452nd place
25,507th place
31,784th place
13,839th place
18,101st place
22,948th place
13,678th place
11,269th place
41,759th place
13,134th place
15,976th place
36,082nd place
17,484th place
15,270th place
15,942nd place
23,022nd place
16,231st place
24,313th place
13,585th place
15,114th place
23,577th place
15,051st place
19,514th place
10,480th place
4,745th place
7,048th place
9,187th place
19,677th place
13,488th place
26,917th place
9,779th place
25,279th place
28,841st place
8,502nd place
11,805th place
32,771st place
18,774th place
39,071st place
4,015th place
10,555th place
2,456th place
27,118th place
26,441st place
19,002nd place
16,276th place
8,288th place
16,318th place
10,078th place
17,892nd place
11,627th place
28,289th place
10,110th place
7,234th place
19,945th place
67,846th place
38,036th place
3,901st place
6,213th place
7,497th place
13,945th place
7,711th place
10,660th place
20,380th place
29,022nd place
14,377th place
78,845th place
24,619th place
24,040th place
13,392nd place
13,260th place
16,709th place
26,379th place
8,321st place
13,000th place
22,973rd place
10,788th place
26,461st place
19,101st place
20,782nd place
14,016th place
19,926th place
15,791st place
16,325th place
46,101st place
6,135th place
3,115th place
8,844th place
6,961st place
13,502nd place
3,210th place
5,994th place
1,550th place
50,288th place
73,127th place
40,365th place
3,199th place
3,973rd place
4,351st place
37,808th place
37,137th place
32,267th place
7,832nd place
2,858th place
3,950th place
31,510th place
24,693rd place
15,649th place
2,626th place
11,151st place
3,645th place
7,941st place
6,134th place
3,139th place
31,602nd place
24,067th place
20,707th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
748th place
2,107th place
452nd place
63,763rd place
33,083rd place
32,698th place
12,738th place
6,204th place
10,704th place
1,481st place
1,041st place
1,273rd place
6,080th place
3,174th place
2,790th place
11,925th place
26,525th place
18,165th place
1,763rd place
569th place
1,462nd place
15,905th place
25,263rd place
11,962nd place
11,732nd place
8,694th place
8,682nd place
12,609th place
6,135th place
6,688th place
20,801st place
10,419th place
20,521st place
6,790th place
11,556th place
5,200th place
26,888th place
30,148th place
38,242nd place
14,571st place
9,076th place
10,808th place
5,202nd place
836th place
3,768th place
11,159th place
3,405th place
7,148th place
41,819th place
47,866th place
42,924th place
3,006th place
1,975th place
1,506th place
16,671st place
10,562nd place
16,312th place
18,409th place
9,231st place
14,636th place
48,070th place
36,067th place
24,462nd place
8,140th place
11,891st place
6,937th place
46,136th place
10,723rd place
12,892nd place
16,172nd place
4,997th place
21,200th place
6,065th place
4,729th place
6,835th place