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Naenara (Korean: 내나라; lit. my nation) is the official web portal of the North Korean government. It was the first website in North Korea, and was created in 1996. The portal's categories include politics, tourism, music, foreign trade, arts, press, information technology, history, and "Korea is One". The website carries publications such as The Pyongyang Times, The Democratic People's Republic of Korea  magazine, Korea Today magazine and Foreign Trade magazine along with Korean Central News Agency news. More information...

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12,097th place
11,505th place
10,756th place
11,533rd place
8,814th place
9,617th place
5,461st place
9,665th place
6,332nd place
4,904th place
5,253rd place
3,524th place
3,881st place
4,242nd place
2,400th place
10,195th place
10,964th place
7,111th place
16,217th place
16,485th place
13,814th place
24,094th place
10,243rd place
11,080th place
3,494th place
19,588th place
6,115th place
7,113th place
30,306th place
22,443rd place
17,670th place
18,033rd place
15,932nd place
15,708th place
12,631st place
22,895th place
6,786th place
3,220th place
3,883rd place
6,621st place
8,383rd place
8,025th place
28,507th place
14,941st place
16,227th place
20,008th place
17,273rd place
13,251st place
8,739th place
5,222nd place
4,865th place
7,502nd place
14,219th place
6,107th place
22,275th place
3,497th place
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76,720th place
27,268th place
86,226th place
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21,149th place
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13,538th place
1,236th place
5,550th place
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14,025th place
11,506th place
15,255th place
11,779th place
18,740th place
11,833rd place
832nd place
3,812th place
2,313th place
2,057th place
3,734th place
3,156th place
zh-classicalClassical Chinese
108th place
354th place
71st place
2,993rd place
10,726th place
3,278th place
102,156th place
99,377th place
72,912th place
33,861st place
20,444th place
20,262nd place
32,063rd place
41,478th place
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13,566th place
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24,375th place
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29,480th place
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22,780th place
32,400th place
6,270th place
32,830th place