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Natalie (ナタリー, Natarī) is a Japanese entertainment news website that debuted on February 1, 2007. It is operated by Natasha, Inc. The website is named after the song of the same name by Julio Iglesias. Natalie has been providing news for such leading Japanese portals and social networks as Mobage Town, GREE, Livedoor, Excite, Mixi, and Yahoo! Japan. It has also been successful on Twitter, with 1,510,000 followers as of February 2017, being the third-most-followed Japanese media company, after The Mainichi Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun. More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
44th place
100th place
145th place
2nd place
4th place
3rd place
26th place
40th place
42nd place
375th place
265th place
733rd place
594th place
533rd place
1,634th place
612th place
384th place
1,258th place
1,388th place
746th place
2,489th place
747th place
330th place
1,096th place
346th place
142nd place
305th place
941st place
490th place
1,476th place
177th place
75th place
154th place
296th place
250th place
749th place
287th place
89th place
270th place
1,679th place
1,492nd place
2,059th place
4,846th place
2,484th place
5,117th place
2,173rd place
1,987th place
4,217th place
2,767th place
707th place
4,163rd place
3,329th place
1,183rd place
4,748th place
7,887th place
1,009th place
4,197th place
263rd place
474th place
526th place
1,920th place
234th place
843rd place
6,705th place
1,822nd place
5,499th place
3,218th place
1,465th place
3,573rd place
2,176th place
1,064th place
2,915th place
5,708th place
757th place
3,277th place
12,196th place
603rd place
2,137th place
10,480th place
3,386th place
14,400th place
1,993rd place
246th place
510th place
10,176th place
15,553rd place
24,395th place
9,332nd place
1,733rd place
4,849th place
3,092nd place
2,262nd place
2,929th place
17,135th place
5,148th place
11,668th place
12,273rd place
1,627th place
8,605th place
34,207th place
5,336th place
27,054th place
34,148th place
4,931st place
23,586th place
33,580th place
6,006th place
9,415th place
8,772nd place
5,040th place
6,446th place
4,541st place
2,096th place
3,251st place
1,703rd place
2,488th place
2,935th place
25,862nd place
3,908th place
5,123rd place
9,230th place
1,066th place
6,890th place
900th place
3,017th place
3,650th place
9,035th place
2,523rd place
5,010th place
5,140th place
3,646th place
4,431st place
2,323rd place
748th place
2,564th place
28,806th place
11,298th place
55,239th place
744th place
2,109th place
2,106th place
1,275th place
558th place
784th place
352nd place
203rd place
226th place
3,337th place
1,120th place
1,981st place
zh-classicalClassical Chinese
174th place
123rd place
227th place
1,228th place
805th place
509th place
11,643rd place
3,169th place
10,332nd place
113th place
73rd place
95th place
30,179th place
4,000th place
18,990th place
11,334th place
2,380th place
8,234th place
117th place
34th place
80th place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
744th place
743rd place
1,946th place
1,315th place
334th place
845th place
8,957th place
2,061st place
8,722nd place
1,237th place
844th place
932nd place
12,072nd place
4,804th place
7,241st place
246th place
89th place
436th place
11,218th place
5,043rd place
15,381st place
209th place
145th place
102nd place
14,399th place
7,676th place
8,925th place
24,539th place
6,708th place
11,584th place
831st place
673rd place
200th place
1,311th place
316th place
375th place
4,652nd place
2,352nd place
5,172nd place
1,003rd place
186th place
720th place
13,500th place
3,563rd place
16,427th place
34,417th place
19,423rd place
22,840th place
1,663rd place
1,884th place
1,326th place
4,740th place
3,903rd place
3,538th place
6,582nd place
7,545th place
7,626th place
4,280th place
2,782nd place
11,113th place
8,355th place
10,600th place
15,438th place
1,279th place
918th place
670th place
4,285th place
1,126th place
4,023rd place
1,038th place
151st place
1,465th place
22,868th place
9,477th place
16,035th place
6,793rd place
7,451st place
6,312th place
28,041st place
30,241st place
39,447th place
6,948th place
2,709th place
5,403rd place
13,334th place
10,630th place
18,108th place
37,354th place
23,452nd place
23,946th place
12,006th place
9,347th place
9,674th place
14,051st place
6,231st place
9,161st place
4,559th place
4,541st place
3,377th place
3,337th place
2,538th place
2,939th place
3,837th place
3,847th place
3,209th place
32,705th place
35,638th place
24,410th place
20,444th place
23,743rd place
22,539th place
2,315th place
1,990th place
2,387th place
3,382nd place
2,021st place
3,221st place
5,430th place
3,479th place
4,903rd place
27,185th place
17,334th place
26,816th place
1,805th place
1,420th place
1,783rd place