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Offizielle Deutsche Charts is the website on which charts compiled by GfK Entertainment are published.

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

PR-model F-model AR-model
190th place
286th place
178th place
18th place
35th place
23rd place
325th place
188th place
249th place
2,382nd place
398th place
1,620th place
1,578th place
608th place
1,409th place
1,267th place
236th place
690th place
3,285th place
670th place
2,626th place
1,752nd place
362nd place
886th place
1,401st place
586th place
1,321st place
4,769th place
1,263rd place
4,819th place
3,551st place
4,543rd place
8,509th place
7,079th place
1,146th place
6,662nd place
1,812th place
940th place
1,777th place
3,082nd place
527th place
3,779th place
2,549th place
207th place
860th place
5,648th place
731st place
3,366th place
2,825th place
2,524th place
7,363rd place
5,725th place
615th place
2,892nd place
3,638th place
1,615th place
3,003rd place
13,100th place
647th place
5,054th place
4,223rd place
242nd place
1,286th place
8,872nd place
920th place
7,387th place
5,072nd place
309th place
2,427th place
4,609th place
515th place
1,969th place
2,413th place
408th place
2,718th place
3,234th place
1,349th place
3,409th place
6,218th place
428th place
2,679th place
3,148th place
353rd place
3,016th place
11,935th place
1,399th place
7,353rd place
9,335th place
599th place
2,116th place
2,397th place
1,164th place
5,019th place
11,280th place
796th place
4,953rd place
12,474th place
1,142nd place
5,778th place
623rd place
75th place
377th place
4,991st place
336th place
1,487th place
1,834th place
196th place
2,274th place
4,124th place
120th place
460th place
3,292nd place
910th place
2,309th place
10,651st place
2,417th place
12,722nd place
9,523rd place
1,185th place
7,698th place
4,989th place
518th place
2,257th place
448th place
262nd place
538th place
7,832nd place
1,986th place
12,184th place
748th place
962nd place
760th place
21,030th place
2,533rd place
13,639th place
10,912th place
5,386th place
19,149th place
32,645th place
1,754th place
11,784th place
18,711th place
6,756th place
13,100th place
1,806th place
293rd place
1,972nd place
1,597th place
1,113th place
608th place
8,508th place
6,484th place
13,239th place
4,690th place
4,206th place
5,300th place
28,809th place
3,812th place
24,729th place
4,634th place
701st place
10,687th place
2,492nd place
3,751st place
12,442nd place
5,757th place
630th place
5,752nd place
12,257th place
435th place
9,857th place
22,125th place
6,918th place
25,154th place
738th place
47th place
84th place
20,046th place
5,383rd place
9,916th place
9,030th place
2,915th place
9,403rd place
18,130th place
2,907th place
8,839th place
1,563rd place
1,084th place
1,696th place
25,107th place
5,475th place
16,520th place
3,771st place
201st place
4,031st place
1,048th place
1,464th place
1,375th place
20,980th place
28,322nd place
37,036th place
24,711th place
3,497th place
7,563rd place
4,510th place
734th place
3,104th place
7,888th place
1,949th place
8,934th place
3,445th place
4,708th place
2,961st place
10,912th place
1,818th place
9,106th place
5,544th place
642nd place
4,937th place
491st place
658th place
649th place
1,157th place
1,134th place
1,313th place
20,428th place
17,607th place
37,304th place
12,758th place
10,467th place
21,829th place
1,533rd place
65th place
1,424th place
22,371st place
23,268th place
22,116th place
32,205th place
3,740th place
27,577th place
10,471st place
6,538th place
11,880th place
3,687th place
2,947th place
3,660th place
3,165th place
1,881st place
3,519th place
2,008th place
145th place
1,271st place
1,715th place
113th place
1,490th place
1,273rd place
623rd place
1,191st place
15,762nd place
15,268th place
16,465th place
20,529th place
16,548th place
19,796th place
5,667th place
6,382nd place
7,186th place
12,190th place
5,783rd place
11,358th place
2,687th place
1,430th place
2,598th place
36,767th place
10,824th place
35,684th place
38,372nd place
40,008th place
35,963rd place
18,391st place
14,674th place
17,828th place
19,175th place
8,763rd place
18,918th place
7,505th place
7,041st place
6,997th place