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The Paleobiology Database is an online resource for information on the distribution and classification of fossil animals, plants, and microorganisms. The Paleobiology Database (PBDB) originated in the NCEAS-funded Phanerozoic Marine Paleofaunal Database initiative, which operated from August 1998 through August 2000. From 2000 to 2015, PBDB received funding from the National Science Foundation. PBDB also received support form the Australian Research Council. From 2000 to 2010 it was housed at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, a cross-disciplinary research center within the University of California, Santa Barbara. It is currently housed at University of Wisconsin-Madison and overseen by an international committee of major data contributors. More information...

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4,533rd place
1,208th place
1,829th place
978th place
434th place
298th place
225th place
26th place
59th place
8,479th place
5,106th place
5,032nd place
2,154th place
660th place
806th place
69th place
148th place
80th place
5,114th place
2,265th place
3,139th place
6,528th place
9,585th place
6,467th place
14,512th place
16,985th place
11,733rd place
12,374th place
8,859th place
5,659th place
26,785th place
12,352nd place
15,476th place
874th place
5,403rd place
5,716th place
21,414th place
21,412th place
16,837th place
15,893rd place
25,119th place
29,153rd place
9,092nd place
1,756th place
2,859th place
5,210th place
4,847th place
4,727th place
25,416th place
7,687th place
15,836th place
11,013th place
15,305th place
19,632nd place
17,387th place
10,936th place
13,944th place
917th place
4,419th place
2,127th place
3,144th place
6,729th place
9,624th place
6,125th place
8,025th place
5,748th place
13,804th place
7,811th place
5,546th place
2,344th place
11,127th place
3,358th place
5,499th place
4,366th place
3,533rd place
478th place
5,860th place
941st place
8,738th place
15,774th place
4,429th place
19,026th place
10,932nd place
7,649th place
5,926th place
1,319th place
4,422nd place
58,599th place
21,921st place
24,670th place
27,200th place
10,510th place
26,472nd place
745th place
2,688th place
867th place
4,599th place
16,658th place
14,568th place
1,598th place
1,560th place
592nd place
23,444th place
26,290th place
15,296th place
5,405th place
409th place
278th place
17,203rd place
26,365th place
25,987th place
42,497th place
12,137th place
18,172nd place
1,334th place
1,812th place
1,994th place
2,203rd place
12,231st place
3,547th place
9,561st place
5,621st place
20,045th place
1,263rd place
4,347th place
1,065th place
722nd place
3,394th place
970th place
42,339th place
13,820th place
18,575th place
1,018th place
1,140th place
4,075th place
46,824th place
29,174th place
57,556th place
61,895th place
34,754th place
69,175th place
9,680th place
4,247th place
11,841st place
2,387th place
1,005th place
3,631st place
667th place
856th place
875th place
21,036th place
19,331st place
23,768th place
7,028th place
22,535th place
8,705th place
16,016th place
22,464th place
25,341st place
11,453rd place
17,206th place
9,511th place
68,161st place
72,079th place
51,620th place
18,758th place
13,603rd place
24,310th place
16,530th place
3,694th place
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35,948th place
30,339th place
32,834th place
3,809th place
4,517th place
7,746th place
3,981st place
4,262nd place
5,887th place
17,931st place
12,332nd place
12,741st place
12,045th place
11,471st place
15,009th place
1,581st place
1,210th place
1,570th place
28,238th place
9,771st place
37,190th place
24,653rd place
10,730th place
9,082nd place
1,099th place
1,117th place
523rd place
55,673rd place
38,494th place
44,347th place
3,396th place
2,856th place
3,332nd place
30,249th place
10,246th place
6,482nd place
412th place
70th place
352nd place
27,611th place
21,802nd place
22,729th place