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Quackwatch is a United States-based website, self-described as a "network of people" founded by Stephen Barrett, which aims to "combat health-related frauds, myths, fads, fallacies, and misconduct" and to focus on "quackery-related information that is difficult or impossible to get elsewhere". Since 1996 it has operated the alternative medicine watchdog website, which advises the public on unproven or ineffective alternative medicine remedies. The site contains articles and other information criticizing many forms of alternative medicine. More information...

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

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10,456th place
10,798th place
10,461st place
7,706th place
10,406th place
6,938th place
9,464th place
6,351st place
8,717th place
11,971st place
14,576th place
13,145th place
11,787th place
14,875th place
13,021st place
14,957th place
27,580th place
27,029th place
7,276th place
2,856th place
4,534th place
10,046th place
9,746th place
9,799th place
7,248th place
7,329th place
7,370th place
16,212th place
9,622nd place
13,352nd place
31,694th place
9,264th place
24,889th place
5,574th place
6,149th place
4,609th place
15,264th place
10,688th place
15,176th place
5,343rd place
10,552nd place
5,677th place
3,278th place
5,798th place
4,749th place
17,285th place
7,877th place
10,612th place
4,747th place
2,629th place
6,592nd place
1,391st place
5,611th place
19,418th place
10,039th place
12,377th place
10,049th place
10,344th place
2,303rd place
13,295th place
7,415th place
2,131st place
6,330th place
8,461st place
6,448th place
13,073rd place
12,085th place
18,784th place
9,498th place
12,433rd place
6,777th place
11,253rd place
7,569th place
5,616th place
8,761st place
6,944th place
5,667th place
7,840th place
33,001st place
6,809th place
26,928th place
15,567th place
5,225th place
17,776th place
3,390th place
9,440th place
10,211th place
3,301st place
3,158th place
5,378th place
13,520th place
12,645th place
22,584th place
16,645th place
7,233rd place
21,283rd place
4,231st place
7,821st place
5,141st place
48,703rd place
20,239th place
64,667th place
2,560th place
1,015th place
2,258th place
11,072nd place
6,433rd place
10,663rd place
30,582nd place
10,772nd place
35,388th place
72,794th place
21,417th place
84,471st place
6,275th place
3,744th place
12,359th place
20,142nd place
10,650th place
20,509th place
25,405th place
29,767th place
29,854th place
4,720th place
4,673rd place
10,346th place
6,804th place
19,509th place
10,606th place
11,856th place
14,080th place
8,489th place
39,290th place
19,851st place
44,075th place
7,039th place
1,286th place
5,884th place
5,191st place
911th place
6,634th place
16,985th place
6,795th place
18,989th place
3,969th place
7,744th place
2,160th place
25,705th place
34,897th place
23,739th place
8,512th place
24,251st place
17,114th place
11,131st place
19,395th place
12,599th place
20,961st place
9,517th place
27,317th place
32,027th place
9,650th place
48,017th place
6,810th place
2,318th place
10,120th place
15,650th place
17,861st place
6,880th place
17,208th place
26,449th place
11,334th place
71,712th place
31,587th place
67,244th place
26,541st place
11,045th place
21,279th place
1,820th place
741st place
1,792nd place