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The SEAlang Library, established in 2005 as an online library source for Southeast Asian linguistic reference materials, was initially funded from the Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) program of the U.S. Department of Education, with matching funds from computational linguistics research centers. In 2009, it focused on the non-roman script languages used throughout mainland Southeast Asia. Beginning in 2010 and continuing through 2013, concentration moved to the many languages of maritime Southeast Asia. Resources include bilingual and monolingual dictionaries; monolingual works and aligned bitext works; tools for manipulating, searching, and displaying complex scripts; and specialized reference works that include historical and etymological dictionaries. More information...

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9,284th place
9,457th place
9,705th place
6,322nd place
7,240th place
5,902nd place
1,225th place
1,194th place
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10,854th place
14,155th place
9,971st place
996th place
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7,248th place
2,963rd place
5,353rd place
523rd place
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673rd place
21,749th place
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42,496th place
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22,896th place
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59,012th place
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22,585th place
30,803rd place
111,450th place
40,701st place
68,423rd place
31,024th place
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41,863rd place
48,119th place
29,720th place
354th place
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886th place
20,227th place
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234th place
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45,060th place
9,787th place
19,131st place
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35,952nd place
11,640th place
77,433rd place
9,103rd place
22,339th place
9,880th place
4,977th place
5,450th place
3,314th place
13,456th place
11,108th place
3,110th place
7,627th place
7,632nd place
870th place
7,855th place
5,195th place
221st place
80th place
100th place
14,305th place
5,612th place
4,692nd place
1,591st place
4,115th place
2,214th place
1,564th place
15,278th place
3,966th place
15,781st place
53,002nd place
34,616th place
29,908th place
22,704th place
23,765th place
2,015th place
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63,782nd place
12,747th place
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20,654th place
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51,279th place
79,832nd place
52,454th place
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31,515th place
875th place
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736th place
617th place
6,242nd place
5,852nd place
2,135th place
7,205th place
5,976th place
12,283rd place
20,362nd place
28,946th place
34,205th place
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19,569th place
12,194th place
726th place
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50,264th place
124,106th place
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26,322nd place
8,725th place
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18,612th place
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100,801st place
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75,441st place
24,573rd place
19,548th place
34,899th place
4,012th place
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411th place
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5,636th place
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