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TimesLIVE is a South African online newspaper that started as The Times daily newspaper. The Times print version was an offshoot of Sunday Times, to whose subscribers it was delivered gratis; non-subscribers paid R2.50 per edition in the early years. It has been owned by Arena Holdings since November 2019 and is the second-largest news website in South Africa. The Times of South Africa was a daily printed newspaper that was delivered free to 137,054 (according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations statistics) Sunday Times subscribers five days a week. Tabloid in size, it was South Africa's first totally interactive newspaper, published in tandem with the TimesLIVE website. In The Times's newsroom, reporters worked alongside multimedia producers and photographers to produce content for the newspaper and the website. The Times was also available for purchase at a cover price of R4.00 in limited quantities, later at R5.50. The last editor of The Times was Andrew Trench. More information...

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