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According to PR-model, is ranked 2,838th in multilingual Wikipedia, in particular this website is ranked 2,185th in English Wikipedia.

The website is placed before and after in the BestRef global ranking of the most important sources of Wikipedia.

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2,838th place
1,262nd place
1,862nd place
2,185th place
1,727th place
1,657th place
2,720th place
280th place
692nd place
3,385th place
1,316th place
2,118th place
2,686th place
1,587th place
1,342nd place
2,690th place
1,299th place
1,501st place
5,449th place
2,210th place
4,127th place
3,025th place
560th place
1,460th place
3,713th place
1,257th place
1,401st place
2,901st place
1,580th place
1,783rd place
3,211th place
1,803rd place
2,262nd place
2,408th place
1,086th place
2,172nd place
1,229th place
1,058th place
1,141st place
3,825th place
1,596th place
2,917th place
3,761st place
2,762nd place
2,494th place
2,266th place
307th place
882nd place
1,545th place
1,207th place
1,670th place
1,534th place
1,673rd place
1,337th place
1,542nd place
623rd place
1,553rd place
1,775th place
549th place
1,359th place
2,335th place
1,638th place
3,763rd place
5,552nd place
1,720th place
3,359th place
2,830th place
1,025th place
1,530th place
2,480th place
1,701st place
1,670th place
3,933rd place
1,066th place
1,950th place
5,276th place
1,881st place
2,716th place
2,576th place
3,294th place
2,171st place
588th place
1,837th place
1,028th place
4,177th place
3,283rd place
2,652nd place
1,066th place
546th place
790th place
729th place
1,061st place
603rd place
2,777th place
1,083rd place
1,942nd place
754th place
970th place
2,300th place
240th place
933rd place
256th place
3,853rd place
569th place
2,681st place
896th place
1,860th place
1,993rd place
3,017th place
173rd place
634th place
5,061st place
1,889th place
3,231st place
2,859th place
2,294th place
2,764th place
3,600th place
2,726th place
2,174th place
2,661st place
1,102nd place
1,896th place
5,775th place
1,486th place
2,133rd place
3,570th place
1,212th place
1,996th place
2,435th place
1,740th place
1,495th place
2,354th place
1,431st place
2,060th place
878th place
182nd place
920th place
6,569th place
1,213th place
3,667th place
3,992nd place
1,721st place
2,229th place
2,242nd place
613th place
357th place
2,625th place
2,370th place
6,595th place
2,034th place
305th place
704th place
3,476th place
1,779th place
4,640th place
3,452nd place
1,294th place
2,444th place
3,651st place
1,322nd place
3,542nd place
768th place
713th place
1,886th place
244th place
2,484th place
2,613th place
1,645th place
525th place
607th place
2,792nd place
2,814th place
4,111th place
2,887th place
3,052nd place
6,288th place
460th place
7,281st place
226th place
134th place
204th place
165th place
2,475th place
1,668th place
1,075th place
5,179th place
1,007th place
1,545th place
199th place
1,011th place
468th place
4,231st place
1,405th place
1,559th place
455th place
116th place
117th place
2,632nd place
1,274th place
1,366th place
1,907th place
659th place
794th place
2,545th place
2,111th place
3,039th place
1,288th place
1,404th place
1,189th place
6,046th place
8,800th place
18,583rd place
667th place
540th place
1,857th place
3,922nd place
1,247th place
2,506th place
8,520th place
3,396th place
4,220th place
847th place
3,168th place
3,045th place
3,037th place
829th place
1,006th place
6,340th place
1,790th place
6,268th place
168th place
159th place
271st place
1,692nd place
734th place
632nd place
1,539th place
4,866th place
2,386th place
1,100th place
900th place
586th place
301st place
334th place
588th place
5,777th place
1,683rd place
5,348th place
nds-nlLow Saxon
335th place
390th place
480th place
2,702nd place
2,014th place
2,034th place
2,620th place
1,191st place
2,311th place
872nd place
1,679th place
530th place
3,268th place
8,643rd place
8,447th place
3,011th place
4,932nd place
2,867th place
1,080th place
318th place
1,135th place
1,278th place
1,149th place
1,980th place
4,340th place
2,991st place
5,687th place
1,204th place
613th place
801st place
584th place
1,384th place
952nd place
1,126th place
1,491st place
2,140th place
4,674th place
2,889th place
1,192nd place
3,607th place
2,139th place
1,340th place
5,557th place
4,190th place
4,885th place
726th place
1,608th place
870th place
2,545th place
6,355th place
3,602nd place
1,707th place
693rd place
385th place
4,067th place
5,526th place
3,994th place
1,396th place
2,895th place
3,089th place
84th place
96th place
89th place
7,512th place
1,107th place
6,893rd place
2,383rd place
1,276th place
2,052nd place
3,634th place
4,854th place
1,805th place
1,059th place
1,982nd place
482nd place
3,500th place
4,116th place
3,640th place
6,782nd place
2,336th place
8,432nd place
1,336th place
1,294th place
1,499th place
2,690th place
1,845th place
749th place
1,332nd place
1,404th place
555th place
411th place
386th place
422nd place
2,080th place
873rd place
1,743rd place
4,466th place
4,481st place
5,743rd place
1,245th place
1,321st place
1,063rd place
10,726th place
3,221st place
13,031st place
11,130th place
6,148th place
7,969th place
791st place
1,447th place
815th place
558th place
167th place
438th place
1,178th place
403rd place
1,029th place
356th place
155th place
334th place
1,649th place
1,488th place
1,763rd place
zh-min-nanSouthern Min
2,542nd place
2,864th place
2,339th place
4,571st place
5,426th place
6,159th place
4,597th place
2,583rd place
4,664th place
3,091st place
1,437th place
3,410th place
2,169th place
2,306th place
2,023rd place
14,254th place
7,000th place
11,160th place
1,295th place
1,117th place
1,328th place
1,105th place
745th place
1,131st place
3,576th place
3,175th place
3,332nd place