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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Danish rank↓ (7)727↓ (3)310752↓ (3)35934↓ (2)2319↓ (2)2low6283↓ (2)238135↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)1316354↓ (1)16441020↓ (1)14661408↓ (1)1213289↓ (1)1169172↓ (1)1218310↓ (1)1700950↓ (1)14630low↓ (1)116141845↓ (1)1591316↓ (1)1low6457↓ (1)1412↓ (1)13951↓ (1)1low80↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)154345477↓ (1)15174low↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)15382low↓ (1)1116528↓ (1)112769

  • 1. "Article Sixteen of the 2004 Constitution of Afghanistan". 2004. Arkiveret fra originalen 2013-10-28. Hentet 13. juni 2012. From among the languages of Pashto, Dari, Uzbeki, Turkmani, Baluchi, Pashai, Nuristani, Pamiri (alsana), Arab and other languages spoken in the country, Pashto and Dari are the official languages of the state.

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