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Global rank English rank
1st place
1st place
8th place
10th place
1,493rd place
1,113th place
12th place
11th place
4,685th place
4,110th place
36th place
33rd place
30th place
24th place
54th place
48th place
42nd place
60th place
1,189th place
688th place
20th place
30th place
32nd place
21st place
50th place
56th place
181st place
135th place
331st place
294th place
4,597th place
3,232nd place
5th place
5th place
5,909th place
3,682nd place
2,714th place
2,274th place
4,174th place
2,424th place
99th place
77th place
241st place
193rd place
low place
low place
low place
low place
139th place
108th place
117th place
145th place
675th place
416th place
low place
9,427th place
262nd place
194th place
723rd place
555th place
116th place
174th place
49th place
47th place
48th place
39th place
low place
low place
327th place
228th place
168th place
114th place
238th place
159th place
157th place
106th place
982nd place
672nd place
296th place
217th place

  • "Happy birthday LFC? Not quite yet..." Liverpool FC. 14 March 2014. Archived from the original on 17 August 2022. Retrieved 16 July 2023. Liverpool F.C. was born on 3 June 1892. It was at John Houlding's house in Anfield Road that he and his closest friends left from Everton FC, formed a new club.

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