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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Estonian rank↓ (2),↓ (2),↓ (2),↓ (1),↓ (1)82242↓ (3)3345↓ (3)328735973↓ (2)229↓ (1),↓ (1)28143877↓ (1)132254↓ (1)117267568↓ (1)176362125↓ (1)12692804↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)120061715↓ (1)132463866↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)122752227↓ (1)18014004

  • 75. "Bay Area Census". MTC-ABAG Library, 101 Eighth St., Oakland, CA 94607. Vaadatud 8.05.2012.

  • 79. "Population Density", Geographic Information Systems – GIS of Interest. Accessed 2007-05-17. "What I discovered is that out of the 3140 counties listed in the Census population data only 178 counties were calculated to have a population density over one person per acre. Not surprisingly, New York County (which contains Manhattan) had the highest population density with a calculated 104.218 persons per acre."

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