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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Estonian rank↓ (6),↓ (2)829↓ (3),↓ (2)5443↓ (2)25699195↓ (2)2low4587↓ (1)1low7343↓ (1)1low7369↓ (1)16105266↓ (1)1low7147↓ (1)1low7370

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  • 1. "Coal Exchange to 'stock exchange'". BBC News Wales (inglise). 26. aprill 2007. Vaadatud 11.10.2008.
  • 6. "Why the Welsh voice is so musical". BBC News (inglise). 8. juuni 2006. Vaadatud 17.05.2008.
  • 7. "Tongue tied". BBC News (inglise). Vaadatud 17.05.2008.

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