Halloween (Dutch Wikipedia)

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books.google.combooks.google.com↓ (1)1129
knaw.nlmeertens.knaw.nl↓ (1)1212749
nos.nlnos.nl↓ (1)15922
gezinsbode.nlgezinsbode.nl↓ (1)1low5871


  • 1. Bannatyne, Lesley Pratt, Halloween: An American Holiday, an American History. Pelican Publishing (1 augustus 1998), p. 12. ISBN 1565543467. Geraadpleegd op 3 januari 2014 “The Church brought its saints' celebrations to every new land it conquered. The celebrations on the eve of All Saints, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day (the three were referred to as Hallowmas) spread throughout Europe. From the British Isles to France to Poland and Italy, the religious remembrance of the ancestral dead became an annual celebration of major importance.”



  • 2. Halloween Meertens Instituut, bezocht op 31 oktober 2016.


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