Hund (Norwegian Nynorsk Wikipedia)

Analysis of information sources in references of the Wikipedia article "Hund" in Norwegian Nynorsk language version.

Global rank Norwegian Nynorsk rank
2nd place
7th place
4th place
21st place
1st place
1st place
1,735th place
2,920th place
1,160th place
2,191st place
117th place
153rd place
low place
2,391st place
low place
1,257th place
7th place
27th place
120th place
282nd place
low place
4,138th place
219th place
214th place
low place
4,139th place
3rd place
6th place
6th place
30th place
654th place
299th place
low place
4,140th place
low place
2,392nd place
1,544th place
3,351st place