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  • 19. Haga, Sverre Gunnar (22. mai 1998). «Mutter priser Grieghallen». (norsk). Besøkt 2. mars 2019. «Mutter var en sensasjon da hun som 13-åring dukket opp som solist under Salzburg-festivalen med Herbert von Karajan i 1977. Hun er en legende allerede nå som 34-åring.»

  • 2. Munzinger Personen, Munzinger IBA 00000016412, besøkt 9. oktober 2017[Hentet fra Wikidata]

  • 18. Davies, Hugh (5. august 2002). «Wife No 5 for Andre Previn as he marries violin virtuoso». The Telegraph (engelsk). ISSN 0307-1235. Besøkt 2. mars 2019. «Earning as much as £36,000 per performance, Mutter, who was discovered at 13 as the heir to Yehudi Menuhin, is noted for being adopted by father figures in contemporary music from Herbert von Karajan to Mstislav Rostopovich.» 
  • 22. «Encore, maestro». The Telegraph (engelsk). 10. august 2002. ISSN 0307-1235. Besøkt 1. mars 2019. «It was 72-year-old Previn's fifth wedding, and it took his life full circle. Or at least back to the country he was born in.»

  • 20. «Taking Bows». Washington Post. 15. januar 1980. «She met Von Karajan after playing with her brother at the Lucerne Festival in 1976. "Von Karajan was told by other musicians, 'You must hear this young musician,' and he invited her to come to Berlin and play for him." She played Bach's chaconne, "one of the hardest."»

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