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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Norwegian rank
bbc.combbc.com↓ (4)42432
google.nobooks.google.no↓ (3)3355641
nytimes.comnytimes.com↓ (2)2317
theguardian.comtheguardian.com↓ (2)2623
reuters.comreuters.com↓ (1)138116
washingtonpost.comwashingtonpost.com↓ (1)11481
usatoday.comusatoday.com↓ (1)13299
beliefnet.combeliefnet.com↓ (1)147126073
guardian.co.ukguardian.co.uk↓ (1)112774
unodc.orgunodc.org↓ (1)122984300
expressindia.comexpressindia.com↓ (1)125755587
vg.novg.no↓ (1)112034
amnesty.org.ukamnesty.org.uk↓ (1)1low3485
rawa.orgrawa.org↓ (1)1low8195
afghan-web.comafghan-web.com↓ (1)1low8032
pajhwok.compajhwok.com↓ (1)1low6941
archive.orgweb.archive.org↓ (1)1214









  • 6. Over World Protests, Taliban Are Destroying Ancient Buddhas, The New York Times 4. mars 2001
  • 21. Burns, John F. (29. august 1997). «Sex and the Afghan Woman: Islam's Straitjacket». The New York Times (engelsk). ISSN 0362-4331. Besøkt 14. august 2021. «But Taliban rule has also come to mean floggings for women who allow faces or ankles to show beneath the head-to-toe shrouds called burqas that the Taliban have made mandatory. Other Taliban taboos include bans on women talking to men who are not blood relatives, making themselves visible to passers-by through the windows of their homes, or traveling in cars, buses or trucks alongside men who are not from their family. | Recently, there have been cases in Kabul in which Mr. Qalamuddin's men have beaten women for wearing white socks or plastic sandals with no socks, attire Taliban zealots have said was likely to provoke impure thoughts in men. Asked about these cases, Mr. Qalamuddin said there had been no formal decrees on socks or sandals, only one that admonished women to walk calmly and avoid creating noise by their footsteps. | But the cleric, a veteran of years of fighting against Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan in the 1980's, as much as confirmed that women are at risk of a flogging if anything about their feet or legs arouses suspicion among his men. | Some women want to show their feet and ankles, he said. They are immoral women. They want to give a hint to the opposite sex.» 










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