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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Portuguese rank↓ (8)827↓ (3),↓ (1),↓ (1)52254↓ (2)24771150↓ (2)21856↓ (1)113↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)1low8031↓ (1)1101102↓ (1)1341621↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)17391091↓ (1)13286↓ (1)11544↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)17231554↓ (1)15809low↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)13670↓ (1)112779↓ (1)1801577↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)179105↓ (1)1lowlow

  • 17. Boxer, Sarah (7 de julho de 2007). «Herriman: Cartoonist who equalled Cervantes». The Daily Telegraph. London. Consultado em 3 de fevereiro de 2009. In 1971, however, the Krazy world changed. While researching an article on Herriman for the Dictionary of American Biography, the sociologist Arthur Asa Berger got a copy of Herriman’s birth certificate. Although Herriman died Caucasian, in Los Angeles in 1944, the very same George Herriman, the son of two mulatto parents, was born "colored" in New Orleans in 1880. If Herriman knew he was black, he certainly did not flaunt it. That’s no surprise. In 1880 Herriman would have been considered a "free person of color". But by the turn of the century, when he was a fledgling cartoonist, the newspaper bullpens "were open to immigrants but not to blacks". 
  • 27. «The most influential US liberals: 1–20». The Daily Telegraph. London. 31 de outubro de 2007. Consultado em 20 de maio de 2010

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