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Global rank Slovenian rank
1st place
2nd place
1,393rd place
1,810th place
3rd place
11th place
104th place
27th place
271st place
509th place
low place
5,866th place
89th place
38th place
117th place
194th place
2nd place
5th place
4,934th place
9,467th place
97th place
56th place
142nd place
36th place
231st place
99th place
369th place
74th place
70th place
151st place
438th place
181st place
low place
9,207th place
3,360th place
6,311th place
40th place
16th place
low place
9,468th place
2,000th place
1,077th place
4,922nd place
3,412th place
8,510th place
8,600th place
6,390th place
8,634th place
low place
9,469th place
low place
9,470th place
low place
9,471st place
403rd place
6,918th place
149th place
140th place
18th place
31st place
5th place
10th place
11th place
51st place
low place
9,472nd place
low place
8,708th place
low place
9,146th place
4,058th place
8,039th place
low place
9,473rd place
656th place
147th place
low place
9,474th place
2,141st place
8,061st place
low place
9,475th place
24th place
196th place
17th place
400th place
52nd place
1,608th place
low place
9,476th place

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