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Analisys of sources in references of the Wikipedia ariticle

SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Slovenian rank↓ (2),↓ (2)428486↓ (2)2411↓ (2)2low3923↓ (1)18052054↓ (1)1514469↓ (1)1269846↓ (1)1215400↓ (1)11036791↓ (1)1low4128↓ (1)1low7871↓ (1)110161↓ (1)174962310↓ (1)1317108↓ (1)1low7872↓ (1)1low156↓ (1)1low878↓ (1)1low7873↓ (1)15015277↓ (1)129453281↓ (1)122932603

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