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SiteHosts in references Count Global rank Swedish rank↓ (1)1low1713↓ (1)112787↓ (1)1lowlow↓ (1)1149631↓ (1)1270144

  • 5. [1] (läst 2018-01-15)

  • 4. "...[G]ross domestic product should no longer be the only serious index of how well a nation is doing. It is not just the alarming divergence between quality of life and GDP that warrants this conclusion. Policy itself follows from what is measured, and if all that is measured is money, all policy will be about getting more money." Hans Villarica. "Maslow 2.0: A New and Improved Recipe for Happiness", The Atlantic, 17 augusti 2011. Läst den 28 juli 2012.

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